Mexican Fighting Beagle

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The Mexican Fighting Beagle

The Mexican Fighting Beagle was an animal or landimal that existed exactly 500,000 years after the beginning of time. It was the second creature of consequence (after the first landimal and before George Gervin). The Mexican Fighting Beagle is the original example of evolution.

The Mexican Fighting Beagle's short stubby legs and floppy ears prevented it from many activities such as fishing and scrabble. Fighting Beagle's roamed the earth in packs of no less than seven but never exceeding five. This was so as to avoid being jumped by one of the many roaming gangs of Tom Brokaws.

The Diet of the Mexican Fighting Beagle[edit]

The beagle's diet consisted only of Alpo and Kibbles and Bits. Since neither of these would be invented for millions of years, it was not long before the beagle was extinct. Historians now acknowledge this to be the best example of "natural selection" and the worst example "mexican technology". Homosexual tendencies of the species caused, for sometime, an unutritional diet of fecal matter and testicular lint particles to sustain the first known specimens.

Fighting Circles[edit]

In prehistoric fighting circles the Mexican Fighting Beagle was considered the Mike Tyson of prehistoric beagle fighting. Many would liken the beagle to Oscar de la Hoya (due mainly in part to the beagle's nationality), this is simply not true. The beagle's fighting style leant itself more to the classic Tyson approach of heavy inside hitting and ear bitting. Much like Tyson the Mexican Fighting Beagle would witness a fallout in fighting circles due mostly in part to Don King

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