Michael Hutchence

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“I would've erotically asphyxiated that guy, rawr!”

~ Oscar Wilde on Michael Hutchence
Family Feud pokes a little fun at the horrific death of Michael Hutchence

Michael Hutchence (1921 - 1999) was a non-famous musician and inventor of autoerotic asphyxiation, the hit accidental death craze that spread across the US in the late 90's just like the Macarena.

He had a very normal childhood...for someone who had such a bizarre and frightening sexual fetish. His parents managed to keep most ties, ropes, and belts away from him, but the occasional shoelace would be found around in his neck in a compromising situation. Other than that, he was popular and healthy. He was even voted Prom King. But that title was quickly taken away when he was found 5 minutes later trying to autoerotically please himself in the bathroom with the crown around his neck.

He formed the group 'INXS' in 1980 to help spread Communist propaganda through the Australian outback. A few of their earlier songs such as 'The Lenin Banjo Song' and 'Let's Build a Berlin Wall Across America!' subtly hinted at their hope for a democratic demise. When the Soviet Union was finally disbanded, INXS quietly shifted from an extreme politcal group to a halfbaked sex soft rock act overnight. But they still hated Democracy.