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Michigan J. Frog as the spokesperson of The WB.

“I like Chicken!”

~ Michigan J. Frog on Chicken

Michigan J. Frog, who was actually born in Michigan, was one of the last few Ecuadorian Black-face Frogs from Indonesia to ever exist. These frogs died in 1815 when Mount Tamboura erupted. However, Michigan was one of the few to survive.


In 1865, Michigan J. Frog sang at Ford Theater on the night where Abraham Lincoln was shot. Lincoln thought it was tasteless, but the frog to be tasty for an appetizer. But John Wilkes Booth wouldn't have any of it...so he shot Lincoln for a frog.

After that, Michigan J. Frog would perform on Broadway and actually became a #1 hit sensation, but he would be buried in a skyscraper in New York in 1901 when someone thought he shot William McKinley.


In 1956, the building that Michigan J. Frog would be rediscovered by a construction builder. He thought that Michigain J. Frog could make him money, but no one could see or hear him sing and dance except for him. Well, being stuck in a box for more than 50 years would do that to a frog!

The construction worker spent every dime to let an Ecuadorian Black-faced frog from Indonesia sing and dance...but he did the same thing that he did...only sang for the construction worker who went to an Asylum and later sent the frog back to where he found it...in a box!

WB Years[edit]

It wasn't until almost 40 years later when The WB was formed and they needed a mascot. This time, Michigain J. sang his heart out...until 2006 when it became The CW. Michigan J. Frog was soon shot by Kanye West and said "Those frogs are supposed to be dead"!


Michigan J. Frog did have some legacy and even though it was short, he did songs such as "Hello My Baby", "Michigan Rag", and "Winchester Cathedral" to name a few. Other than that, people tend to forget the last Ecuadorian Black-Face Frog from Indonesia.