Million dollar burger

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Million Dollar Burger (G)
Directed by Steven Seagal
Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer
Written by Steven Seagal
Starring Steven Seagal
Music by Steven Seagal
Distributed by Steven Seagal Inc.
Release date(s) Into Custody
Running time 2502 min
Language Aramaic
Budget $498 Million
IMDb profile

“A witty saying proves France.”

~ Steven Seagal in "Million Dollar Burger"

Million Dollar Burger is a 2008 film directed by and starring Steven Seagal, and co-starring, Steven Seagal and Steven Seagal in strong supporting roles. It was filmed over a course of three days last summer, and Steve's been sitting on it while drinking coffee in his basement. Released in 2008.


Steven Seagal goes on a hunger strike to save his reservation from developers, only to find that the local grease wagon has created the ultimate meal. He wages a battle with himself, while eventually becoming one with nature. After that Steven Seagal does some serious ninja training with Master Pu-pe-we played by Rick James, which tells him in his teachings that he must look for the Fatty burger. While wasting away to nothing, he stumbles across the burger factory, which is cutting down his forest for more warehouse space. He realizes that the only way to save the reservation is to attempt to eat the burger, and show its fatty effects to the world.


  • Not enough squinting
  • Burgers were a little rare
  • Still not enough squinting
  • No magical seagulls
  • Unrealistic,No Ian getting eaten by a dinosaur


  • No real Indians were used in the making of this film
  • No fake Indians were eaten in the making of this film
  • No real acting was used in the making of this film