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The Miltron is a read headed beast (resembling the incredible hulk if he was a fox) and hails from the world Miltonia, where he was sent to earth on an intelligence gathering mission. Initially Miltron was meant to have been on earth for only 30minutes, but whilst he was gone a huge blockade was created when two unpopular people started making out. Since then Miltron has been stranded on earth.

Habitat &/or locations of sightings[edit]

Does the Miltron have faith?[edit]

Well the answer is yes! The Miltron is a devout Lutheran and "what ever religion gets me holidays", but this can be mostly discredited as many people believe he is a robot and therefore doesn't have a soul.

Conspiracies involving miltron[edit]

He is believed to be linked to every major political assassination in the world since the 24th of September 2006. Also he is believed to have shot the snipers on the grassy knoll who shot at Kennedy. He shot them with his 'OMGlazer' cannon and vaporised them with a "pew pew pew" thus avenging Kennedy. It is also believed that crop circles are formed as part of the Miltrons mating ritual dance, or possibly formed whilst he is hardcore dancing to the theme song of 'Captain Planet'.

Terribad news on miltron[edit]

The Miltron only exist in a male format, therefore he (or they?) is (are?) going to be a very short lived species.

He also sucks at maths.

Treat News[edit]

The Miltron is an excellent "guitar dude" and spooner, and can occasionally be sighted in numerous bands who tour the intergalactic gig scene in their magic flying drum kit.

These bands include the following:

Hobbies of the Miltron[edit]

Power Gaining Technique[edit]

Gains energy by creating large amounts of white noise from his "guitar", which is actually a religious relic from his home planet

Superhero, or Fox beast?

Personal motto[edit]

"Try this kids!"