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“That's hot.”

~ Paris Hilton on Mims

Mims is a rapper. He is often distinguished from good rappers like Tupac Shakur, B.I.G, and Nas due to his "hotness", which he rants about in the song "This is why I'm Hot". His "hotness" is thought to be the leading cause of global warming, specifically in Dogtown, CA, where he was birthed by an illegal Canadian immigrant. His hotness is so hot in Dogtown that even the illegal Canadians had to relocate. "This is why I'm Hot" is, according to renowned philosopher Abraham Heschel, a "metaphysical allegory of the symbolism of the hyperbolic dimmentia of [some really confusing illegal Canadian word]". As Mims never went to school, however, the song is probably only an allegory of global warming due to his hotness.

Mims v. Logic (2006)[edit]

A sketch from the court reporter of the trial... or from Cyanide and Happiness. Whatever.

In the landmark case, Mims v. Logic found the rapper Mims guilty on charges of circular logic. Commenting on the results of the case, Mims simply said "I'm not guilty because I'm innocent". When Asked why he was innocent his reply was, "I'm innocent cause I'm not guilty."

Analyzing "This is why I'm Hot"[edit]

Main article: Why?:I'm hot

This is why I’m hot
This is why I’m hot
This is why I'm hot (x2) uh
This is why I’m hot (uh)
This is why I’m hot(x2) whoo
This is why (x2)
This is why I’m hot

The repetition in this stanza is thought to symbolize Al Gore (only God knows why). However, it is effective in teaching the listener that Mims is hot and he can say things like "uh" and "whoo" without being beat up by 50 Cent or Snoop Dogg.

I’m hot coz I’m fly (fly)
You ain’t coz you’re not (Mims)
This is why (x2)
This is why I’m hot (x2)

Nobody really knows why this stanza is in the song, but it is thought of as a hyperbolic comparison to Dogtown, Mims' hometown.

This is why I’m hot
I dont gotta rap
I can sell a mill saying nothing on the track
I represent New York
I got it on my back

This symbolizes that Mims is a new target for anti-global-warming Muslim terrorists

And they say that we lost it
So I’mma bring it back
I love the dirty dirty

Reffering to nature, dirt, and treehugging- all anti-global-warming.

Coz niggas show me love
The ladies start to bounce
As soon as I hit the club
But in the Midwest
They love to take it slow
So when I hit the H
I watch you get it on the floor
And if you needed hyphy
I take it to the bay
Frisco to Sac'town

Reference to E-40's hometown area and San Francisco, from which he is also from.

They do it eryday
Compton to Hollywood
As soon as I hit LA
I’m in that low low
I do it the Cali way
And when I hit the Chi
People say that I’m fly
They like the way I dress they like (they like my) my attire (switches to English)
move crowds from side to side
They ask me how I do it and simply I reply


(Verse 2:)
This is why I’m hot
Catch me on the block
Every other day
Another bitch another drop
16 bars, 24 pop
44 songs, nigga gimme what you got
I’m in there driving cars
Push them off the lot
I’m into shutting stores down so I can shop
If you need a bird I can get it chopped
Tell me what you need you know I get ‘em by the flock

Allegorical epic simile linked to dying bird species in deforested places due to Mims' global warming "hotness"

I call my hommie black meet me on the ave
I hit wash heights with the money in the bag
we into big spinners
See my pimping never dragged
Find me with different women that you niggas never had
For those who say they know me know I’m focused on my cream
Playa you come between you’d better focus on the beam
I keep it so mean the way you see me lean
And when I say I’m hot my nigga this is what I mean


(Verse 3:)
This is why I’m hot
Shorty see the drop
Ask me what I paid and I say yeah I paid a 'quap'
And then I hit the switch that take away the top
So chicks around the way they call me cream of the crop
They hop in the car'
I tell them all aboard '
We hit the studio they say they like the way I record
I gave you black train and I did you wrong '
So every time I see them and they tell me that’s their song
They say I’m the bomb '
They love the way the chain hanging from the neck
And compliments the arm which compliments the ear then comes the gear
So when I hit the room the shorties stop and stare
Then niggas start to hate rearrange their face
Little do they know I keep them things by waistside
I reply nobody gotta die

Keeps the calm from global warming scare, very effective line for those of you who are worried that the ozone layer is getting "fly"

Similar to lil wiz coz I got the fire.

Fire is hot. Very clever.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Mims is very hot, as you can see. He is also a master of the English language, as you can also see. Although much of this is written in Canadian, professional translators and archaeologists are making much headway on translating it into English.

Other Songs[edit]

Mims wrote another song called "Music is my Savior", which does not mention him being hot and thus was not successful.

Influence on Slap Mode[edit]

In recent times hundreds of urban youths have been creating rap groups that specialize in slaps in the trunk. This style of music is very similar to Mim's music, in that it contains a highly technical synth beat that involves pressing a few synth keys in rapid succession. These youths are known as "Slap Doctaz" and have taken names such as "Da Block Boyz" and their mission is to create as many "trunk slappaz" as possible. Mims, along with artists like E-40, Soulja Boy, and Lil Weezy, have been cited as influences on these groups for their "clever lyrics, dope beatz, and slappaz" as it was put by local rapper Young Starr.