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The Minnesota Twins are famous for three things being owned by some rich kid, being underpaid, and having the double mint twins making out in center field during their games which accounts for many of their wins as the other teams players getting distracted. However this act was forced to stop after the Twins lost World War 7 to the Pope. Who got rid of the double mint twins because Jesus only chews stride.


the twins are awesome, you gotta pump 'em both up though if you want them together.

The Killebrew Years[edit]

The Twins star player after moving to Minnesota was Harmon Killebrew who only swung for the fences. However his real impact on the world came when him and the artist to become Prince teamed up to create the most dominating Mormon army of all time that would eventually lead the Americans to victory in the Vietnam war. And would later on burn down the Vatican in World War 5.

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