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The Minnesota Wild were one of the NHL's original 6 franchises, along with the Oakland Seals, the Kansas City Scouts, The Toronto Saint Pats, Montreal Expos and the Ottawa Senators.


The Minnesota Wild had the distinction of being in the only non-New England market that cared about Hockey in the United States. Then, in 1993, Saddam Hussein, seeking revenge for the First Gulf War, stole the Minnesota Wild and moved them to Dallas.

However, Saddam Hussein needed money to rebuild his stocks of Weapons of Mass Destruction which he got rid of in 1998 for 800 pounds of crack cocaine despite President Bill Clinton's claims that he still had them. Clinton, being angry about being hoodwinked, bombed Iraq to smithereens. The liberal media didn't take any notice.

Saddam then sold the Minnesota Wild to Jac Sperling for a condom and a milf hooker. But just to rub it in to the people of the United States of America, he requested that the team may not play in Minneapolis, but rather, in its sleepy neighbor Saint Paul, so when Americans and Canadians say the Minnesota Wild are from Minneapolis, they will continue to look even more anemic in the subject of geography than they actually are.