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"I'm not a beaver!"

“People fail to relise that she and Mickey were twins! Why else the coincidental same surname?”

~ Uberman on Mickey and Minnie

'Minerva "Minnie" Mouse' is a former FBI Agent, who infiltraded herself into the Hollywood movie industry during the McCarthyism period, helping the Motion Picture Association of America to write the Hollywood Blacklist. She is also famous for being Mickey Mouse's wife. She also is the mother of Winnie the pooh's son before she married mickey.


Minnie Mouse was born on a New Jersey Sewer on March 17, 1928. Daughter of a big fat female rat with an even fattier male rat, she had 876 brothers and 456 sisters. Curiously, none of them became famous. At an early age of 5 days, she realized that the world was bigger than a dirty connection pipe and dreamed she could go to the surface. Her dream came true when a Burlesque show opened its doors near the sewer hole.The world of show biz was different to minnies expectations she is said to have been abused by walt disney

A recurring co-star[edit]

Minnie, as any rat searching for food, got up the sewers and found herself at the door of the "Pissy Pussy Burlesque Circus". Amazed by the big posters and garbage inside the strippers rooms, she quickly moved to the place. The girls soon found her (as she had shitted under every cabinet) and tried to kill Minnie with toxic food, but Suzie O'Cutie, a dancer and backup singer at the show, saw in Minnie a perfect character for her newest number: "Guess What is Furry Too". The number was very simple and consisted on Susie inviting a man from the audience to see "the little furry black thing under her dress" and then play the joke showing Minnie the rat instead of her private parts. She finished the number by saying "Gotcha! You tought you was to see the another rodent, aintcha?". Minnie then mutated into a giant vagina.