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“The Mint Aero is probably the most revolutionary thing to be ever made from a delightful concoction of chocolate and mint, mmmm, I love mint.”

~ God on Mint Aero

“I can resist anything but the tempting allure of a fresh mint Aero”

~ Oscar Wilde on Mint Aero

“Why are you bothering me for a quote about mint aeros?”

~ Phil Nutall on Mint Aero

“It's people! Aero Green is made out of people!”

~ Jack Ao on Soylent Green Mint Aero

“Just the sight of it makes me wanna barf( then again its always relaxing) I got kicked-out of my career because of it!!! this cheap excuse for a Mint left me homeless for 2 damn years!”

~ Princess MintJump-Kicking Mint Aero

“This monstrous poop-pile makes me sick, it makes me want to love that Imbecile, the Pathetic excuse for a Princess ”

~ Valen on Mint Aero

“Fuck you!!, bitch!!, Go to HELL!!! you Twat,Cocksocking,motherfucker ,and take your Penis with you”

~ Princess Mint Jump-Kicking Valen, then cutting his Penis

“Fuck this, im judging you all, this demon has tormented us long enough ”

~ God on Mint Aero

The utterly magnificent Mint Aero, the opiate of the masses.

Once upon a time, I stumbled upon a feeble vending machine, my eyes were drawn to this beauty and I was mesmerized. This vision in green foil looked back, both its eyes were gleaming with anticipation of the orgy of mint and chocolate that was about to follow, I too was eagerly awaiting this treat, my tastebuds tingling. I decided to purchase this wonder and my life was changed, no longer a close-minded individual, my eyes were opened to the delights that mint and chocolate had to offer.

The History[edit]

The mint aero was invented in 900 BC in a brief but fruitful collaboration between Oscar Wilde and Jebus, during a duel in which chocolate and mint were fused together in an unholy union. God remarked "Damn, that's good" upon first tasting the prototype Mint Aero, and boy, was he right. Shortly after the invention of the Mint Aero, Hitler seized upon the idea as a way of making a quick buck, he patented this superb invention and sold it to Nestlé for the princely sum of £60. At present, the mint aero has 5 legs 3 arms and 6 eyes. It has been known to eat small adults and fat kids. Fat kids taste splendid. :)!

Various incarnations of the Aero[edit]

The original Aero was created without mint, until the intervention of Jebus saw this tragedy put right in the Great Aero Revolt of 1798 when he single handedly infused every Aero in the world with the essence of mint, and a legend was born.

Later, the Aero evolved into a fatter version, complete with easily breakable segments for ease of consumption, this welcome addition is applauded by Mint Aero enthusiasts around the globe as one of the most important events of the last millenium. Other, more sane people, regard this as a natural development of the increased length and girth of the impressive Aero range, soon to include Caramel and Honeycomb. None of these staggering achievements can possibly top the flagstone product however, the Mint Aero. May or may not contain Soylent Green.


The Mint Aero comes in a green wrapper.

If you eat it, you will explode.

Princess Mint on Threads of Fate\Dewprism HATES this THING, makes her want to fuck this out of existence. Valen's penis Got cut by Princess Mint's Chakram because of the arguments. (seen above)