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The winning Miss East Timor 2004 (from Lichtenstein) before her Extreme Makeover

The Miss Earth beauty pageant, also known as the Miss East Timor pageant, is known internationally as the "spare tire" of women's pageants, for girls who couldn't hack it in either the Miss Universe or the Miss World pageants. However, winning the Miss Earth beauty pageant is still a modern young woman's dream come true. Virtually every modern young woman wants it and will do virtually anything for the chance to win.

It's not a statistical quirk that the reigning Miss East Timor usually wins the Miss Earth pageant. Such is the universally acknowledged, highly consistent quality of the Miss East Timor incumbents and the skills of the Miss East Timor organization.

... and the remarkable "after" picture

In light of this, candidates from all over the globe are now entering the Miss East Timor pageant. The winner then receives an extensive training/coaching/12-step program and gets an Extreme Makeover, and goes on to win the Miss Earth pageant.

The winners then generally go on to pursue successful careers as models and Indy girls and as political leaders of leading industrial nations.

Former Pageant Winners[edit]

Last year's winner, Bea Arthur, set a new record as the oldest Miss East Timor / Miss Earth pageant winner at age 78.

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