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Miss Papaya (1942-2020) is a woman from the Norwegian colony of India. Miss Papaya, aka Lin is known world-wide as a revolutionary musician. She is known for her emotion in works such as "Beethoven's Fifth", "Heil Meinself", and "Pink Dinosaur"

Controversy in India[edit]

After gaining fame in her home town of Ghandiville, she decided to start creating MP3s to hand out for five Indian pesos. Unfortunately, the MP3 tax prevented her from creating her own MP3s, and must request MP3s from a Norwegian buisness. In protest she picked up an MP3, unfortunately, this was just a sticker that looked like an MP3, so she was embarrassed and moved to the People's Republic of Vatican City.

Life as a Musical Revolutionary[edit]

After she moved to Vatica in 1960, she learned of the Internet, she began her quest to become a musical revolutionary and started writing music about ovens, nazis, and prehistoric animals. It wasn't until 1995 that she really hit it off when the Internet was released to the public and people would download her music. Some say it was subliminal messages, as portrayed in the hit classic, Josie and the Pussycats, others say it's pure genious. Following the release of her second music. She read a comment about herself on an internet forum. She was devastated and never visited that forum again. Miss Papaya went into hiding for a month, when she came out, she released her first revolutionary song - Supergirl. This song is the ideal song of music theory. Every human being was blown away by this track that 100 of them started a religion, which was quickly destroyed when a group of Islams accidentially blew their headquarters in Vatica in a game of Jihad. After three years, many expected another earth smashing release, which she did. This one completely reinvented music, half of the world's population could not comprehend this song, that they could not hear it.

Amazing Facts[edit]

  1. Miss Papaya's real name is Papaya
  2. Music
  3. Miss Papaya's best song was Pink Dinosaur
  4. Miss Papaya's daughter's name is Smiledk
  5. Miss Papaya's son is named Bambee
  6. Miss Papaya is emo
  7. Miss Papaya is a Supergirl
  8. Miss Papaya is a Trap!

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