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Mister Ed receiving his daily human sacrifice.

Mister Ed is the Jamaican Horse Deity, Master of Destruction and Algebra.

Deitology (The Science of Deities)[edit]

Mister Ed, son of Major Nelson and John Ritter was most remembered for his slaying of Oprah in 224 BC. He also bravely fought his arch nemesis.. the Borg in the year 3505LAD near Wolf 359.

His powers[edit]

Mister Ed is of course the undisputed Master of Destruction and Algebra, not ONLY that.. but he also likes lightning bolts and hash(of the corn beef variety, and marijuana too).

In his spare time, he would jump.. over fences.. to evade the policemen who were after him.

Mister Ed: WANTED![edit]

Mister Ed was found guilty in 2003 of molesting a 12 year old boy with his painfully large horse penis. After being found guilty, he fled the courthouse, ran down the street, bought some Wendy's and continued running.

Mister Ed Today[edit]

Ancient artwork of Mister Ed jumping across the Atlantic Ocean.

Mister Ed's followers are less than what you would call good, in any way. There are a few pieces of pottery and artwork depicting Mister Ed on display behind the Drug Store on the corner of 5th St. and Costello.

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