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In traditional ebonics, the word 'Mofo' roughly translates to 'He Who Has Maternal Intercouse' . It's popularity sought wide spread usage throught North America during the neo-Harlem rennaissance of the late 20th century.


The word 'Mofo' was invented by southern slaves during the early 1800's to describe any fellow black man who slept with his master's wife, who was looked at as a mother figure. It is passed down as legend that Samuel L. Jackson is a decendent of the first Mofo.

In Popular Culture[edit]


  • The movie "Shut yo mouth, Mofo" (1978) was the first movie to feature a Mofo. It starred John Amos as the lead character who faces the dillema of fucking his white landlady.
  • The movie "Forrest Gump" (1994) prominently features Mofos as main characters throught the whole film. It stars Tom Hanks, Bubba, and Meg Ryan.

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