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The Moment of Zen is a very special moment in a persons life that is very difficult to explain. It is like....oh....well, It's like a wonderful moment when you suddently seem to get it all, but then by the time you start to realize that you are having a moment you realize that your just high. However, if your not really high, then your

Overview of the Moment[edit]

The Moment of Zen seem to be impossible to experience and comprehend on the same time. It should really be called the Moment of Catch 22 instead. The moment supposedly feels as if you are riding backwards on a camel in New York City completely naked.

Places for Zen Nirvana[edit]

"The Buddha did not find the Peepul Tree, The johnson Him" .....and there was Zen.

Some of the best places for the tryst with that moment are,

  • The Loo
  • The Supermarket Queue
  • When your car breaks down in the middle of the Sahara
  • If all else fails, give the Loo another shot.
  • Getting bitch raped in a K-mart parking lot
  • On myspace
  • When in Intercourse....Pennsylvania

Zen on the internet[edit]

You can search for moments of zen on the web. Google searches are particularly enlightening. It is believed to be attainable in the moment between "search" and "this page cannot be displayed." Alternately, you may see the message in a furiously vibrating box: "you may already have been enlightened."

With a big sharpie, he drew nothing persists but this

Uncyclopedia is one of the best places to search for zen. You will never be enlightened reading Uncyclopedia articles, nor can you truly comprehend them. This gets around the paradox by providing the opposite of zen - and the opposite of zen is a moment of enlightenment, if only you realiz...

Oh, that was good. Whatever it was.

.tua....nnnnno Rats! Again!