Monkey stomp

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Wikipedia doesn't have a proper article about Monkey stomp. It really wouldn't help those so-called experts by writing one either.
A finishing move used by animals of the Froot variety, and other sub humans who just don't want to fight fair so we have to tell our collective moms (the police ) after they beat us up.

The move will usually come at a time when you are down, and your opponent, in a victory dance done to celebrate kicking your ass, will jump on you once with both feet, and then proceed to continue doing this vulgar, yet effective, movement.

The stomp, as it is sometimes called "on the streets", has a 10 percent chance of coming from ancient Roman times. We don't know where the other 90 percent went. Rumor has it placed in Tijuana. Don't go there.

The stomp does not come from monkeys, but most entirely is a stomp. It's success rate is almost 200 percent, meaning that for every time it is used once, it works twice.