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A moosebrick is a substitute for a normal brick (or plank of wood for that matter). A moosebrick can be used in many different ways, the most popular include building material, late night snack and weapon.

No one knows exactly what moosebricks are made of but experts say it might be meese. The same experts also think that the southwestern part of Rwanda is the origin of the moosebrick. The people there got pissed because Santa wouldn't come to them and give them presents due to their lack of chimneys. They were very poor and couldn't afford to buy bricks and they didn't have any stones or clay around to make their own.. what they had in obscene quantities however was meese.

They tried to do a lot of thing with the meese in order to produce chimneys but it wasn't until they started grinding them they actually got close to the solution. After grinding the meese for two weeks and then drying the powder for 18 years they had produced meesolotic, a powder which turns into a chimney if you pour water on it.

This discovery made Rwanda one of the richest countries in the world. They didn't only get moosebricks from the meese, they also got carrot juice which they could use to power their plasma cannons.

Due to overhunting the meese soon became extinct and Rwanda had to go back to what they were doing before the moosebricks (starving). Also with no carrot juice to power their plasma cannons they had to withdraw from the world scene and leave Denmark alone on the top of the world.