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"I'm lord of the internetz."
Christopher "Moot" Poole
Orgins Unknown, but different sources range from Niger, some where in Iowa, a trashcan in Liechtenstein, and St Paul, Minnesota.
Position of Power Supreme ruler of all the internetz and King of 4chan
Special Abilities Can b& your ass in a minute nigga
Power Level OVER 9000!!
Loyalty To /b/tards and oldfags
Weakness None known, possibly pron
In it for the good of the world

The Orgins[edit]

There is no definitive account of how moot came into existence, but their are several different stories. The most prominent being this yarn which has been passed down for thosands of years.

“Long ago, two niggers were sitting by a fire, frying up a chicken they had just purchased. Just then, a beautiful woman with a big, black, coco buttered-up ass was seen to descend from the clouds and alight the earth. They were astonished at seeing her, and concluded that she must be hungry, and had smelt the kfc. They immediately went to her, taking with them a piece of the fried chicken.

They presented it to her and she ate her fill. She told them to return to the spot where she was sitting, at the end of one year, and they would find a reward for their kindness and generosity. She then ascended to the clouds, and disappeared. The two men returned to their village, and explained to the nation of Nigger what they had seen, done, and heard but were laughed at by their people. When the time arrived for them to visit this consecrated ground where they were to find a reward for their attention to the beautiful woman of the clouds, they went with a large party, and found, where her right hand had rested on the ground, a little white baby. "Dayuuum nigra!!! Dat wuman from da sky bring us a white boy. Oh lawdy I sho' do love me some white meat." so all of the Blacks ran at the boy and tried to throw basketballs at him.

Suddenly, An explosion of pure awesome power blasted out of the child, blowing all the negros away. Black Vegeta (aka Nigeta) stunned, trembling, slowly reached up to check his power meter, stammeringly he spoke in his negro dialect, "That cracka be over 9000!!!! We need some black up!!!!" The pulsating baby suddenly grew 2 times larger. Triumphantly, the omnipotent baby flew 50 feet in the air, so fast, the shock wave blew all of the jungle bunnies into the Niger River . The all-powerful baby threw his head back, clenched his fists, and violently roared at the hiv-infested Nigerians, "THE POOLS CLOSED"”
~ sagefag of /b/

This was The Beginning of Moot.

The Faggotry[edit]

Creating the Internetz[edit]