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Morbul - from Pirates, to Pirates[edit]

One drink to rule them all,

One drink to find them,

One drink to bring them all

and in the darkness b(l)ind them.

The Story[edit]

Morbul was invented by two fearless sailors, Ivan the Beautiful and Hook-Eye Bob. The year was 1706 and these fine gentlemen were bound to sail around Kap Horn. The evening was still young and since Potpourri the Obese Cabin-Boy was manning the rudder and Dagger-Jack was long passed out, Bob and Ivan decided to enjoy a nightcap.

"So, what'll we be drinkin', ye scurvy absolutist?" asked Ivan as Bob was rummaging through the cabinets. "Well," said Bob, "It'd be seemin' that all we have left is a wee tad of that ol' Barnacle's rum, and some Red Bull."

The second Bob finished his sentence, it dawned to both of them. They would combine the power of rum with the refreshing kick of an energy beverage. And so was the first Morbul born.

The Recipe[edit]

The super-secret recipe revealed, with doritos:

4 cl (preferably more) Captain_Morgan Dark Rum

12 cl (preferably less) Red_Bull Energy-Drink

1 kitten (preferably in grass)


Trivia and Random Facts[edit]

  • The first taste of Morbul will shock and awe you!
  • Drinking a glass of Morbul will leave you angry 'cause you'll want another one.
  • Consuming proper portions of Morbul will get you drunk.
  • An overdose of Morbul will leave you flapping on the floor wondering where the hell all the water went.

The Drinking Game[edit]

  • First, mix a great amount of Morbul and pour it into portions of your choice. The more the merrier.
  • Secondly, start reading this article. Every time you read the word Morbul you are to gulp one shot of Morbul down.
  • Morbul. Morbul morbul, morbul. Morbul. Morbul! Morbul, morbul morbul morbul? Morbul.

User Comments[edit]

“Drinking a Morbul is like making love to beautiful mermaid in the evening and getting violated by a sea bass in the morning.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Morbul

“In Soviet Russia Morbul drinks YOU!!”

~ Russian Reversal on Morbul


~ Dagger-Jack on Morbul