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Mork from Ork holding The Fonz and a civillian female captive during the final battle.
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Mork from Ork was an extraterrestrial humanoid from the planet Ork.

His ship crash landed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, and he was detained at Area 51 for experimentation. In the 1950s, he escaped to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and met a young boy named Ron Howard. Ron Howard befriended Mork, and shared many a warm night with his alien buddy, until The Fonz met with him. The Fonz knew that Mork was up to no good, and used his super speed to open a wormhole, and banish Mork to the 1970s. It was there, that Mork befriended a little girl named Mindy. But The Fonz still knew Mork was up to no good, and came to the 1970s to do battle with him. And it was an epic battle, lasting for 20 years, until Mork made the final blow.

He made the Mr. Spock sign with his hand, and said "Nanoo nanoo", which destroyed The Fonz molecule by molecule. With Fonzie out of his way, Mork proceded in finishing his plan. He ordered the fleet of Orkians to the planet Earth, where they destroyed:

Mork from Ork's starfleet destroy's some old building.

The Fonz, who hadn't really been destroyed, just banished to another dimension, began to plot his revenge. He assembled an army consisting of Superman, Samuel L. Jackson, Christopher Walken, Bruce Willis, and R. Lee Emery, to form, The Fox Force Five (Even though there were 6 of them). They emerged from the alternate dimension, and waged war against Mork's starfleet. Hundreds of people were killed in the crossfire, but a significant amount of damage was inflicted upon Mork's starfleet.

After 5 years of fighting, it was discovered that Mork's fleet was controlled by a giant space station orbiting the planet. On July 4th, 1996 what remained of the planet Earth salvaged all of its nuclear weapons to launch at the space station. Unfortunately, the guidance on the missiles shorted out, meaning that the missiles couldn't be controlled from the ground. Knowing that he was the only one who had the power to steer the missiles into the space station, The Fonz strapped himself to the missiles in a sacrifice move. The missiles were launched, and The Fonz successfully sent all of the missiles into the space station, destroying Mork's entire fleet, killing himself in the process.

The planet Earth celebrated, and the cities were rebuilt. That is why we celebrate July 4th as Independence Day. Unbeknownst to the Fox Force Five however, Mork from Ork snuck onto the planet Earth, and adopted the stage name of Robin Williams. The war was not yet over...

Now it is.

And everyones a slutwhore.

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