Movila Miresii

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Those obsessed with so-called experts should thank their lucky stars that Wikipedia does not have an article about Movila Miresii.

Movila Miresii (i.e. Bride's Hill) is an ancient sunken city in Eastern Romania, made entirely of gold, something of an El Dorado of Romania. Its population is believed to be somewhere between 5,000 and 7 gillion people. Though underwater, the city houses the world's biggest football arena, home of Start Corola Movila Miresii. The team is believed to be composed only of 30-foot tall orange aliens, their origins unknown. It is believed to be the greatest football team in history, yet they have yet to be recognised, as they prefer to remain in obscurity. The team's only goal is to NOT win either the EFA cup or the ECC, goal which they struggle to accomplish each year. Barcelona, Arsenal, Milan and other European football clubs pay Start Corola each year an estimated total of 43 million euros, to keep the team out of european competitions. This is caused by Movila's last season in the European cups (1635/1634 B.C.) when they defeated Gladiatoru Roma(n) 99-0 (the score was much bigger but the score-board only had room for 2 figures).

The Movila Miresii Stadium is believed to look something like this: