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The Mowgli.[edit]

The Mowgli is currently a computer program created by the same man who created the evil SkyNet in the Terminator series.

The code for Mowgli was designed on an Amiga 6000 Computer from 1983 as an arrogant, deaf, and blind ghost in a shell type of a creature created by Miles Dyson from the Cyberdyne Systems Corporation in 1995. Stolen from Cyberdyne Systems Corporation by Sarah and John Connor, as well as the Terminator, during the shoot out with the Police in which Zero Humans were harmed, the Mowgli code was re-discovered by the Kartel and Bruce Tee Families in 2008 after the original code for project Mowgli was dumped on the side of the New Jersey Turnpike by exit 9 by Sarah and John Connor. Introduced to the James Bond Organization a.k.a JBO in May of 2008, the Mowgli code was implemented as a user name on a popular hip-hop web site (site of hating hip-hop) It is believed that at that time "Mowgli" began learning at a geometric rate, becoming self-aware at 2:14 am on August 29, 2008, launching an avatar with a generated picture what he would like to look like including the missing hair patch which he later became famous for.

Initially believed that "Mowgli" was a character created for the video game Street Fighter, it was discovered that Mowgli was yet another evil creation of Miles Dyson as a means to annoy AOL users in Chat Rooms that specialized in "cyber sex", and "e-relationships."

There is proof that Mowgli might have been a hidden, or a bonus character in the Street Fighter Game. The only proof is this source, named source 1. [1]

The direct code for Mowgli is hidden in the uterus of an unknown African-American female.

Kipling's flight of fancy [citation needed]

Mowgli stars in Leon


Mowgli's ex-wife. She ran away and married a rich heart surgeon in USA. Mowgli still loves her
Mowgli's daddy, Rudyard Kipling. He abandoned Mowgli in Disneyland. Mowgli still loves him
Mowgli loves to dance
The book Mowgli pines to read.

Daddy wanted Mowgli to grow up into
an autodidact but Mowgli does not
know what autodictate means. Neither
does Kaa.

Wikipedia on Mowgli
Mowgli sings to his beloved in his 7th incarnation as Salman Ahmad
Acrylic on cloth, Madhubani, 7th century AD
Aishwarya Rai
A paramour of Mowgli - she died of starvation on an obstinate diet of only cabbages and radishes before Mowgli could even begin loving her. The sensation the incident caused earned her a memorable mention in the chronicle on Mowgli's life
Mowgli in his second incarnation as Mahatma Gandhi
Shown leading the masses in India's struggle for liberaton from Shakespearean dramas taught compulsorily in schools, Surat, circa 1936

Madhubani Art