Mr. Bungle

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Mr. Bungle
Mr Bungle Logo.GIF
A typical Bunghole.
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Calipr0nographia
Skin: Red
Sex: hot
North Border: Chile
Drinks: Dr Peppers
First name: Antonio
Nicknames: Froosh,Yenta
Household pet: Flea
South border: Chad
Middle name: Smith

Mr. Bungle (Studiumm Archenemyummm, born 227-982 C.E. in California through fornication) was a famous schizophrenic dude. He currently plays for the English Premier League club Man City and remained the mayor until he became the prime minister of China later in 1984. His next novel, Memento, was less inspired by Picasso but still contributed quite a lot to his nesting habits, and in vacuum too.

Mr. Bungle has many fans, collectively known as the Bunglist Massive.


Born as Antonio Bungholio Dickikiss to a Greek-American father and an Italian-American father, young Bungle was able to demonstrate his styley freakness even while he was still a little kid. He was known for having the gift of being able to plan parties that could uplift the toughest motherfuckers alive, by mixing mother's milk, blood, sugar and Magic Johnson's cum into the punch.

The Wine Bottler Hates the Chillies But adores Mr. Bungle.

Bungle had to experience multiple personality changes and personal problems throughout his career. most of them were related to the series of six psychotic breaks he went through during 2004, After his breakup from his first girlfriend Hallelujah Slovakia, which also caused him to become heavily addicted to drugs.

Musical Tastes[edit]

Known for his diverse taste in music Mr Bungle recorded one single song, released spread out over three albums, which undulated through a large number of genres including heavy metal, rock music, funk, surf rock, ska, free jazz, hardcore punk, reggae, hip hop, noise rock, funkcore, pop, prog rock, dub music, funk metal, folk music, contemporary art music, psychedelic rock, avant-jazz, ambient music, electronica, space age pop, soul music, doo-wop, rockabilly, bossa nova, video game and cartoon music - however the song is generally regarded by critics as sounding like "Slayer playing jazz funk". He also produced a video for the song and dedicated it to his wife, Mrs. Dani Bungle.

Mr. Bungle, the video game

He also likes to incorporate more cowbell.

The war against Patton[edit]

Bungle was always known for his great hatred towards a general Patton. Bungle has always blamed Patton in having, in his words, "no more faith" in Adolf Hitler after he killed all those Jews. Those logical claims were annoyingly rejected by Patton, which led to a long and ongoing war between Patton and Bungle.


Demo tapes that they forgot existed[edit]

  • 1986 - OMG There's The Easter Bunny, RUN!!!
  • 1987 - There's Chilley in my Bowels!
  • 1988 - Goddamnit I Hate ITSLYM (But Love Em' At The Same Time)
  • 1989 - OI812 W/ Van Halen and Roth at the Olive Garden


  • 1991 - Mr. Bung(ho)le
  • 1995 - Crisco Alottay! (The cooking pan album)
  • 1999 - Fuck the Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • 2999 A.D. - Nomoreforya

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