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Mr. Freeze is as much a war hero as he is a cultural icon. He was featured as one of the main heroes of the 1999 film, Super Singaporeans!.
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Mr. Freeze (real name Lim Bo Seng, born 4 April 1909; died 15 October 1978) was a Singaporean superhero and revolutionary who is best known for leading an underground resistance against the Japanese during World War II. In 1989, he was pronounced a "Defender of the Realm" by His Majesty Lee Kwan Yew, and is revered as a folk hero by the Singaporean people.

Lim Bo Seng was born in Guangzhou, China to Lim Kee Yeng, the owner of Lim's Cryogenics and Egg Rolls Super Industry. Political turmoil in his home country forced the elder Lim to take his business further afield. In 1912, Lim Kee Yeng and his family settled in Singapore, where the government was very interested in his business. Lim Bo Seng was educated at Raffles Institution, where he developed his characteristic sense of vanity and his hatred of all things amusing.

In 1933, while on a business trip in neighbouring Malaysia, Lim Kee Yeng was stabbed to death by members of the "We Hate Singapore" coalition. As a result, Lim Bo Seng was forced to take over his father's business, vowing the protect his family and all Singaporeans from the wrath of Singapore-haters, of which there are many.

Life as a Force 101 Veteran[edit]

In 1942, the Japanese launched their first Gundam strike against Singapore, effectively disabling the island's foolish inhabitants within minutes. Shortly after the Japanese set up their provincial government in Singapore, peace-keeping flying drone robots known as Bat Men were utilised for the purposes of maintaining law and order in the streets of Singapore. The drone robots, however, were actually hastily reconstructed from Japanese robotics discards, and their faulty AI resulted in the targeting and killing of innocent civilians as one of their "quirks". The Japanese refused to entertain any complaints regarding the drones, commenting that they were an effective method of "right-sizing" the country.

In response to the killings, Lim Bo Seng and a few of his friends founded Force 101, an underground group of rebels dedicated to combating the Bat Man menace. Although Force 101 was effective in using guerrilla tactics to disable the robots, Force 101's secret hideout was eventually discovered, and many of them were wiped out by Japanese soldiers. Lim himself survived, although critically wounded. He was rescued by some friends and taken to a Lim's Cryogenics and Egg Rolls Super Industry warehouse, where he asked to be put into a yet-untested machine.

Although apprehensive at first, his friends agreed. Three weeks later, Lim Bo Seng emerged as Mr. Freeze - the machine had grafted itself to Lim's body, giving him superhuman durability and the ability to fire weaponised ice beams. With his new powers, he single-handedly defeated hundreds of Bat Men, and he fought alongside Lee Kwan Yew and helped expel the Japanese from Singapore.

After the War[edit]

Mr. Freeze joined the A*Star Program as a Special Adviser on Superhuman Research, fighting alongside Captain Singapore for many years. Mr. Freeze finally met his match in 1978, where he encountered Pirate Nun while on a mission to Ohio. Three Singaporeans were arrested for attempting to set fire to a Catholic Church because they found no depictions of Lee Kwan Yew within it. Pirate Nun intervened when Mr. Freeze tried to free them, but he was defeated after he was wrapped in a sphere of water and crushed to death when the water around him froze.

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