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Mr. Mackey is the fifth sign of the appocalypse, so says the Bronitskan Bible. Mr. Mackey is a large comet the size of the average Brian William's head, heading straight for Earth. According to the Bronitskan Bible, it will hit the earth on March 15, 2079.


  • In 1993, a young male by the name of Joe Jones caught a videotape of the comet Mr. Mackey over the skies of Morroco.
  • Mr. Mackey is one of the subjects covered in Dan Brown's novel "Apples, Oranges, Court Cases, Family Bike Rides, Computer Viruses, and The Comet Mr. Mackey."
  • You are gay.
  • Mr. Mackey was sighted over Utah in 1923.

Mr. Mackey In Popular Culture[edit]

  • The band "PANIC! At The Disco" sucks.
  • The charachter in South Park named Mr. Mackey is named after the famous comet.

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