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Mr wizard is a magical time travelling drug dealer who sells the drugs of tommorrow to the children of yesterday Mr wizard spends most his time high on his own drugs. he takes money from the past and pawns it as antique money in the future to buy drugs. He then returns to the past and sells the drugs.

Mr wizard is currently wanted in 27 different countries, 6 different centuries and 4.3987235 dimensions. he is wanted for drug trafficking,selling to minors,kidnap, time travel,impersonatiing a wizard, living in the year 1956(this is illegal in iceland), possesing antique cambodian coins (this was outlawed in the year 3457), and having more then 2 dimensions (this isnt legal in the 2nd dimension)

Mr wizard is not a wizard at all, but a scientist who is the first person to invent the flux capacitor which is the the part of a time machine no sciencest (except mr wizard of course) has ever invented. (he accidently made this with a fork and a toaster whilst trying to fix his fridge). He earned his nickname because he dresses as a wizard to attract the children he sends his drugs too.

he was trying to fix his fridge when quite accidently he created his time machine, he didnt realise it was a time machine until his booze kept dissapearing just to appear one year in the future.

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