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Santa has this waiting at home, and he still only comes once a year. There's something just not right about that. Unless you are merely a fictional figure head for the largest government conspiracy ever.

As we all know Santa Claus is a fictional character, it is the origin of this that we will explore. In 44 B.C. shortly after the death of Julius Caesar, the Illuminati created the character we now know as Santa Claus, clues to the real meaning of this can be found in the lyrics of Santa Claus Is Coming To Town. "He knows when you've been sleeping, you knows when you're awake, he knows if you've been bad or good, so you better be good for goodness sakes." Implying the Big Brother motif. Once a year "Santa Claus" comes and brings toys to children.

Truth: he brings surveillance equipment disguised as toys, so that he may spy on families across the globe. Due to his resourcefulness, and his seedy footage, he has also produced such movies as Pamela and Tommy Lee, One Night In Paris, and the unforgivable Tonya Harding Sex Tape.

So it isn't so hard to imagine that Santa isn't hittin' this, because he is actually a ruthless,terrorist organization sent by Carrot-top to restore the glory of Anglo Saxon dominance.

The red in the uniform symbolizes the endless blood spilled by Illuminati sects throughout history. The white symbolizes the goals of the Illuminati... an all-white world. This is further demonstrated by the perpetual snowfall during the season... to "cover the world with white." Santa Claus and his cronies Frosty, Jack Frost, Rudolph and Ron Jeremy have faithfully enforced the largest conspiracy in the history of the world upon our children for 1000s of years now, they have implemented their mind control tactics upon the world and will continue to do so, until their goals have been met.