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Share the Love[edit]

If you see ultra lame, gay, annoying, terrible and totally inhumane names then please add them to one of the categories. If it is so wack that it has a totally new category then add it. You might also want to help out this site who are currently not getting enough MSN names. You should also spam radical names at just for fun

MSN Names[edit]

MSN names are a common form of pure evil. They belong in an elite family of cyber evilness that includes myspace bulletins, spam email, youtube chain comments, and counter-strike source. Believe it or not MSN names can be made evilererer, simply by spelling them badly, for example 'h8ing me wnt make u ne prityer !'.There are many forms of MSN names, that identify the losers that make them.

Unfunny MSN names[edit]

These are by far the most common. They are derived from unfunny quotes and t-shirts that eventually found their way to MSN. Others can come from movies, funny songs and uncyclopedia. Unfunny MSN names include any comparisons of two completely random things, boys and slinkys, girls and planets etc. Names were the user implies that they are bitchy, tough, not to be messed with or all three fall into this category, such as 'it's not that i am anti-social. i just don't like you!', 'Never do anything that you wouldn't want to explain to the paramedics!' and 'If being ugly was a crime, you'd have a life sentence !'. These people are not comedians, they are the biggest losers of all bad MSN name users.

  • Guys r like's always fun to watch them fall down the stairs!!!
  • Me fail english, that's unpossible!?!?!
  • Love your enimes it pisses them off:d
  • Cats have nine lives and humans have one but if you mess wid me again then you will have none! (rhyming generates more evil)
  • Don't do drugs, become a celebrity and you get them 4 free.

Slutty MSN Names[edit]

These names are usualy used by girls. If a guy is using them he is gender confused. Bitchy slogans can also fall under this category. An example of a slutty MSN name is 'Im like a lawyer, im always trying to get you off'. These names emply the girl is rank, ugly, desperate, a call girl, or just a slut. They make bad girlfriends, friends, enemies and people you walk past in the street and think nothing of. They should be removed from your contact list before they start talking to you, or you might fall into there slutty trap.

  • I may b blonde, but i'm not stupid!!!!
  • Is that a gun/banana/roll of quarters in ur pocket..or are you just happy to see me..:d
  • touch me, tease me, come on baby, please me
  • If you want to use my body...
  • im gr8 in bed
  • spread open my legs and take me


These MSN names have the power of making you sick, causing serious pains to the stomach and brain. These are by far the most lame MSN names you will ever come across. Putting the name of your lover in them can add evilness. RIP MSN names are also evil, as dead people do NOT want to be remembered in such an evil form. Using a RIP in an MSN name may result in your computer becoming haunted (frequent crashing is a sign of this ). These MSN names can contain emotes and ugly writing, which adds evil points. Rhyming is common which make these one of the worst MSN names. If someone is using it they are dim witted, and will never have more then 2 girlfriends in there life.

  • '(f)(¯`v´¯)i'm fø££øwing my hêå®t & it £êåd§ 2 him(¯`v´¯)(f)'
  • (l)if u get the chåñce 2 §ee him, ur heå®t begiñ§ 2 dånce, ur £ife ®evø£ve§ å®øuñd him, there§ ñøthiñ £ike ®ømåñce(l)

Mummer Jokes, Fat Jokes and Ugly Jokes[edit]

These often make little sense, as you can never tell who they are directed at. They are used by people who cant seem to get themselves in a situation that allows them to embarrass themselves by using the joke. In order to get the joke off there chest they display them on the MSN name. The combination of the two is most heavily used as it is of great evil proportions, like your mum. DAMMIT. Mummer joke , Fat joke and Ugly joke syndrome is a serious mental issue. If you find a Mummer joke ,Fat joke or Ugly Joke MSN name funny, please see a doctor.

  • ur mum is so fat wen she jumps in the sea the whales sing we are family!
  • ur so fat u iron ur clothes on de driveway
  • If being ugly was a crime, you'd ave a life sentence !
  • ur mama is so fat, when she sings, its over!

Wannabe Dramatic/Artistic[edit]

These are just lame with lame sprinkled on lame with extra lame and lame crust. They are usually philosophies on life and/or love. The users are melodramatic and suck at life. If it makes no sense and/or rhymes the evil is increased.

  • against my will i stand beside my own reflection
  • i walked through fire, i walked through waves , pain is overwhelming with hate and pain
  • (l)is the only thing that keeps me going(l)

How to make it extra evil[edit]

  • Make it rhyme as said over and over.
  • Spll evry wrd rng lke dis.
  • Do NOT contain your own name before, after or during the slogan.
  • if it falls under the Wannabe Dramatic/Artistic category then it shouldnt make any sense whatssoever.
  • If it falls under love, use your lovers name. Also, you could just put 'I <3333 STACEY 4EVR', and it would be just as evil as a poem.
  • Try get inter-category names going.
  • Change your name constantly to other evil names.
  • Do NOT be creative. Look on google for ideas.
  • Movie quotes, comedian quotes, quotes, russian reversals and chuck norris jokes.
  • Incorporate things from the Evil Cyber Family Tree (see below), such as penis enlargment spam.
  • USE SONG LYRICS they are incredibly evil.


It is believed the worst form of msn name ever used killed everyone that came online. The name cannot be repeated for safety's sake. It contained parts of all the category's, rhymed, was spelt with no vowels and had all the emotes. Most writers cannot conceive of such a twisted name. Yet some idiot did it. His MSN account was blocked, and his computer destroyed by the KGB.

Cyber Evil Family[edit]

MSN names are the elite leaders of cyber evils, having been the original. Yet under its creation the cyber evil family has spawned some cyber evils that are known for the deaths of thousands, maybe hundreds. This is the Cyber Evil Family Tree as of TODAY!!!Cyber evil tree.JPG