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The mug (M) is the Metric unit for everything. Established in 1540, shortly after France switched the word order of "International System," it has come into common use in the United States and elsewhere. One mug is roughly equivalent to some, but this conversion is not exact. For more information on conversion, see the SI arbitrer.


A mug can be used for every measurement. However, this leads to potential ambiguities. When one requests "as much paint as a mug," they do not with for paint that lasts as long as a mug. This is denoted by the "as much" prefix. Following are numerous other prefixes for different measurements along with examples of usage:


A common use for the mug is the measurement of ugliness; in this case the prefix is "ugly as a". See the following example:

Dawg, your mom is ugly as a mug.


The mug can be used to measure intelligence, though it is impossible to measure in this manner of any creature less intelligent than Bush; luckily this does not apply to most living organisms. See the following example:

Man, you's dumb as a mug.


Measuring weight in terms of a mug is also possible. See the following example:

This sh*t is heavy like a mug!


Age can be expressed in terms of comparison to a mug with the prefixes "old as," "older'n," and "younger'n," for equality, the state in which something is older than a mug (see death), and youngness, respectively. See the following examples:

That dude's older'n a mug, man.

Happy birthday, G! You's old as a mug.

What you be doin' with that girl? She's younger'n a mug!


A mug should not be used in the plural. If one wishes to indicate that a chair is "big as two mugs," they should use this conversion formula to convert into terms of a single mug:

Additionally, the mug should not be used if you are an Alaskan Native or American Indian. Seriously. Don't try it if you're Caucasian either. Actually, just hide and hope you don't get shot.