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“Again, it's a boring useless bitmap character fighting game. There is no point to it. Seriously.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Mugen

“I won!!!”

~ Link on playing Mugen


~ Weegee on playing Mugen

“Lol! Im gunna make 1000's of videos on Youtube using Mugen!”

~ The Angry German Kid on playing Mugen

“I love MUGEN!!! Also burritos and LBJ's!!! But not the Special C since they raised the price....Grandma.....can you give me money to buy food....just put it on the chair and send it upstairs....meeehhhhhhhhh......”

~ Raymond The Hungering on Mugen

Mugen, or M.U.G.E.N as it is known to the 1337 hackers among us (standing for A Moronicly Ugly Game that gives Epilepsy to Nerds), or basically just Mugs to Newcastle people, is a computer game ripoff of Street Fighter, with Pokemon and other copyrighted characters fighting each other.

How it all started[edit]

Mugen was originally a concept created by a group of lazy people in America who wanted to have some sort of awesome fighting game they could put their own characters in and be able to hack at the same time to get more characters and abuse God powers. They didn't want to wait for Super Smash Bros. Brawl to be released; they wanted to actually have their own game that they could control and hack. So they sat down at their computer station, wiped away all of the cookies and crap they consumed on a regular basis, and set to work on creating their own video game.

Twelve months and three blocked toilets later, they managed to actually set the stages up and create their first fighter, Kung Fu Man. However, they had not had time to create any baddies for Kung Fu Man to beat up. So these Americans decided to allow people to download the game from the internet, and actually create some of the characters themselves. But when you give noobs this sort of power, they just have to break copyright laws, because as everyone knows it is fun to get people arrested.

The Good Ones and The Bad Ones[edit]

At first the internet was completely keeling the heck over about the idea of a game that you download yourself and make uber cool characters on your own. This amount of work, however, takes some amount of mental brain power to do, so many internet users just got lazy and began ripping off copyrighted characters and sticking them into the game. Elecbite (the 1337 hackers who made the game) got extreamly worried about all this. But then when they noticed how websites like Youtube and LimeWire were getting away with this sort of crap all the time, they thought "why not?".

The elite noobs who don't roxors, if they want to win, they have to use haxors of the internet, at first, actually submitted cool characters to Mugen. Characters such as Italian Pasta Dude, Drunk Hedgehog, Pointless Phsyco Reporter Freak and Doofus Lizardchunks made their way into Mugen, and the gaming community became addicted to the mass fighter game. Eventually, however, some people of the noob community began to submit rubbish characters. These bitmap fighters could either be easily defeated before the match even began, were hacked up to buggery so as to win with the first hit, or they were just basically pointless. Such cheesy characters were Kung Fu Italian Pasta Dude, Animals including Fish Nutball, and Omega Wahaaahahah. Other ultra-powerful characters included The Gray Orb, Green Haired Cheapo and the Quake # Arena.

Then again there is still manly in it, like Kenshiro, Solid Snake, Snake from the P.O.W.: Prisoners Of War arcade, Master Asia, and all other cool guys.

Online Tournaments[edit]

It has been noted that regular gamers of Mugen, as well as regular members of Youtube, have decided to combine two and two together to have online Mugen battle tournaments. The basic gist of these tourneys is that people submit their team (i.e what characters they like) to the host of the tournament, so that the host can humilate them with a series of beat-ups and death matches with cheap characters.

The Mugen Community[edit]

As with all games like Mugen, there is a group of sad, sad, sad people who have devoted their lives to the game and have spent entire weeks making rubbish forums and rubbish videos. The ringleader of these poor people is an elitist known as 'Judgespear'. All the noobs look up to him and his fellow 'MUGENites' as gods, and have begun burning innocent people as sacrifices to the power of Mugen.MUGEN eved cotributed to Suave Dude,really best char ever.

In the Mugen community, if your not a MUGENite, you are worthless. Everyone within the community adores the MUGENites to the point of mastubation, and make videos with their teams fighting each other, hoping for get their 15 seconds of fame. Yet the MUGENites are apparently so full of themselves that they would not even pay their own mother the time of day.

Youtube vs Mugen[edit]

If you type Mugen onto Youtube at any point in your life, you will always find over 9000 videos, most of which are from Judgespear, Pikawil64,and PsychoJolteon (Lucider videos cannot be found due he closed his account, but you can still find the videos made by his fans who wanted to fuck his ass.) ,Warner,lozmaster3000, mmpaperguy, most_mysterios, reubenkee with enough copyright infringements to keep the Post Office busy until 2020. But as this is against Youtubes rules, people are generally confused as to why this has happened.

At first Youtube was highly against Mugen, deleting any videos associated with the game. Yet there were too many, because the MUGENites were posting their videos endlessly and without any delay. Eventually the administrators of Youtube gave up and went surfing on Google.

A typical mugen video: [1]