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The Origin Of Munich[edit]

Munich aka Municho is the capital of The Free State of Mexican Bavaria .

Inhabitants of Munich , know as Munichamos , are supposed to be the fatest people in the world and consume a lot of tapas-szög , choriquesostein , parilladas und beer and the famous tortillasäar .

Municho was founded in 1492 by King Kaiser Crusty on the premises of an ancient evil temple dedicated to the cult of baphomet .

Municho's rival is si-wan-stuttgart , the capital of the Chinese Republic of Bade-Wurtemberg .

During WWII , Municho did not took an active part in the conflict but rather supported Pancho Villa's actions .

Today , Municho host the headquarters of several blue-chip companies such as Tex-Mex 2.e

The Oktober Fiesta[edit]

Two beautiful Bavarian Mexican Bitches ( note the deep expression of intelligence in the eyes )

Every day , at mid-september , all inhabitants of Municho gather into huge industrial hangars and celebrate the victory of pancho Villa by drinking a lot of Tequilas and eating a lot of schnitzels during the OktoberFiesta .

All the young girls ( known as "Bavarian Mexican Bitches" ) play and sing traditional aztec songs .

Famous Munichamos[edit]

Pancho Villa the Famous Bavarian Mexican

Pancho Villa



Roccus Siffredus

That chinese Guy in Doom III


Municho is located on the River El Isarto , famous for its crocodile , alligators , caimans and others sort of snakes .


Municho is ruled by an Autocratic Revolutionary Governement , founded initially by Pancho Villa . The current king-lord-mayor is Herr Chico Stobeiros .

Famous Places[edit]

The MarientPlatzos of the three cultures[edit]

The Famous Marientplazos

Center of the town of Municho , the Marientplatzos is a famous place also known as the central square of three cultures :

- The Aztec Culture

- The Mexican Culture

- The Schnitzel Culture

Municho Subway[edit]

Municho have its own transit system called the U-HorseBahnos . It is a masterpiece of Mexican technology .

The U-Bahnos is made of 10 cars trailed by 6 or 8 Bavarian Mexican horses in underground tunnels . The average speed is 3 to 5 km / h .