Murphy's Law (video game)

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Murphy's Law
Cover art in Uncyclopedian release
Developer KING Art
Release Date 1337
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Platforms Windows, Macintosh
Rating Foreign Language
Would Bowser play it? Yes

Murphy's Law or Murphy's Gesetz in Germany or Murphy's Law, Eh? in Canada or Marko's Law in Finland is a German Video game were your supposed to be this arrow named Murphy and play pranks on a old guy, Santa Claus, the eBay CEO and some yellow haired dude. The game has made 7 sequels! Yay! And KING art is planning to make another one where your supposed to prank a kid named Joshy who likes LazyTown so much he is a nerd.


Murphy is a arrow who likes to play pranks on everybody in the world. He mostly pranks the old man, Santa Claus, the eBay CEO, and the yellow haired dude. He will prank Joshy next.

The Old Man is the Original character you would prank who has a wife and kid. He once got on fire and survived. He murdered Santa Claus.

Santa Claus is well, you know, Santa Claus.

Yellow Haired Dude is a yellow haired idiot who likes watching porno and usually gets punched by English idiots. He was killed at a construction site in a freak accident while on his vacation in Britain.

Ebay CEO is the CEO of eBay.

Joshy is a kid who likes LazyTown and will appear in Murphy's Law 9. He gets picked by his friend Thomas and hates fishing with his friend's daddy.

Devil is a devil that appears on top of the screen and laughs when the victim is pranked. He was removed in Murphy's Law 5 because Christian groups were getting pissed off.

List of Games[edit]

  • Murphy's Law
  • Murphy's Law 2: Christmas Edition
  • Murphy's Law 3: Pranks to eBay
  • Murphy's Law 4: Bad Hair Day
  • Murphy's Law 5: The Yellow Haired Guy's Girlfriend
  • Murphy's Law 6: At The Office
  • Murphy's Law 7: Vacation at England
  • Murphy's Law 8: Come to the North Pole
  • Murphy's Law 9: Prank Joshy (in development)

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