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“ We all have a mythical creature in side us all, some creatures just are mythical creatures. One of those is Jesus.”

~ George Bush on Proclaiming he is in fact a Mythical Creature



A Mythical Creature

In all fourteen countries of the world a Mythical Creature may be referred to as a made up or not true being. Some such creations of these creatures include most notable names such as Bugs Bunny, Epherium the retarded rabbit, Hermit the Frog, George Bush, Dick Cheney, Condelzza Rice, The entire American population, anyone speaking a language other then Islamic, Osama Bin Laden and of course Jesus Christ. [2] All creatures are false creations and fake people with no lives and most probably a homo. These creatures are most commonly spotted on route 32 in Pokemon Gold & silver and are some times spotted next to the rare and often dangerous animal: Kevin Rudd. Other known hiding locations for these dark, dank, smelly, foolish and not liked creatures include The White House, the Pentagon, Guantonemo Bay and of cause the remains of the world trade centre. [3]

Many different terms have been used to describe a Mythical creature over the many hundred million seconds (about 30) since the beasts were created but none so describe them better as the term: Homo. [4]These creatures are believed to posess or have obtained magical powers such as the power to blow up stuff, the power to seduce half a world into believing in a fictional story written by a SPED and, the power to persuade the fifth biggest landmass country to go to war with Mythical Creatures. [5]These powers have been seen rarely in public as these rare creatures are afraid of light, darkness and of cause air. These creatures breath in a contraption much like Darth Vadar and are therefore all technically under, United States of Canadian Relations of the World law, all dark lords such as the Dark Lord Saulron and of Cause the dark lord God. [6]

Such Dark lords have emerged in todays society as public icons of hope, death, destruction, misery, hatred, anger and of cause pain. [7] Such iconic figures include Darth Benedict XVI, Darth Cheney, Darth 'Maul' Rice and the master of the Darth's, Darth 'Awesome dude101' Jesus. [8] These Mysterious Mythical creatures all pertain to at least one such act of disaster including the death of freedom, the punishment of the world and of cause enslaving all normal people into blowing themselves up in the name of these creatures.


The first known creation of a Mythical Creature is back in 2002 when a SPED (Special Pedophile Eating Dope) created something that would modernise that year - the bible. Pronounced Bib-el the bible was written purely for the interest of special children in Pakistan. When a crazy old man with a first name of 'The' a middle name of 'Robert' and last name of 'Pope' discovered the story book and decided to market it to all other lovable mythical creatures.

In 2003 The Pope had a small army of idiots built him a city inside a Rome. The Vatican City, situated only metres from stylish locations such as The Death Star, Jerusalem and Guantanomo Bay, was built to preach the message of the SPED who wrote the Bib-el. [9]The first Mythical Creature created was then sent out to the world via the Death Star's impressive bathroom was transformed into something far better then a religion - a cult of completely idiotic maniacs (CIM). This new cult, under the direction of Mr. Pope, was soon, one day, maybe within the next four hundred years to become the newest most bestest place ever to be created by Lizard Kind. [10]

A week later the Lizard King, The Pope, told the world to create more of these mythical creatures and to spread the word to the world. Fortunately no one bar three dead pigeons heard The's message and only idiots managed to get the message. That is how George W. Bush rose to power, he had a dream for the whole world to worship these Mythical Creatures, with him at the head. [11]George Bush rose though the ranks of power while keeping his mythical creature inside himself and occasionally seeing the then President of the shop Optimus Prime on key advice for the completion of the Death star and the destruction of planets such as Ulderon and Earth and later on even the sun.

List of Known Mythical Creatures[edit]

A normal image of Montana

Over the many days since the SPED who created the bible thought of Jesus, many things have happened. Many new Mythical creatures have appeared around the world and across the galaxy. Nah, i'm just joking; all mythical creatures live or breed in one of the world's most up and coming restaurant: America. Here is a short list of all the magical and wonderful mythical creatures of the world (AKA in the US)

A close up view of Montana


  • Jesus
  • George Bush
  • Condelleza Rice
  • Robert Gates
  • Micheal Chertoff
  • Dick Cheney
  • The state of Montana
  • God
  • Bill Gates
An even closer up view of Montana

This list is extensive and thorough outlining all known Mythical Creatures that have been created and are publicly known. Most interestingly of the list is that of the state of Montana which is located in the northern region of the fast food restaurant 'America'.

Jesus' Influence[edit]

The SPED's creation - The first Mythical creature created

The first realistic mythical creature had a very minor influence over the Mythical Creature Industry. The SPED who wrote the Bible and therefore created Jesus could not of possibly known how much wealth and power was going to be shoved down his mouth. Fortunately, the SPED was to dumb to realise, which I guess is a good thing considering money and gold isn't usually edible. But the figure of Jesus did have an influence on some very important franchises and developmental influential corporations (Big words - makes this article look legit). In actual English, AKA Italian, Jesus' creation gave inspiration to such legends as Dan Brown and his mythical creation of people who waste their life researching mythical creatures' fake children.


According to Mythical coming from the latin root Myth or to be mytheraous means to pertain to part of a myth and Creature meaning a creation. Using that information, a Mythical creature is a Mytharaous creation. Therefore for something to be classified as a Mythical creature it must be created and must be false. If we look at one example of this, for example George Bush, we can understand how such creatures come to being.

Let's start by identifying George. W Bush. Who is Mr. Bush? The President of the fastest growing food chain? Or something more. Is he maybe the leader of the terrorist network, Al-Qaeda? Or as the Americans pronounce it, Al-Kay-Da. But no, this is not who Bush is. President Bush is a veteran of the world, and perhaps the most interesting case of Mythic Creaturiritus (Also known as AIDS). George Walker Bush was born between the 20th and 21st century. After many years of doing boring stuff, mostly playing politics and Mario Kart, Bush decided to be a politician. He ran for Governor of some other state in the Restaurant joint and won and then became the President of the whole shop. That outlines President Bush's entire life story from the moment he was brought into this Mythical Creature world till the day he died (September 11). Going on the words of it can clearly be identified that Bush was always a false myth who was not in fact human. The evidence is outstanding:

  • He was the Governor of Texas
  • He married someone with the same name as Laura Croft
  • He truly believed he could change a fast food joint
  • He copied his father
  • He lived with the daises

The idea that Bush was indeed a Myth or of untrue accent is true. The proof that backs up Bush's creation can be easily viewed to the time frame of when he was elected into office. He was created by the customers of the shop where he worked and then began pouncing around the shop issuing commands and orders in regards to various attacks on the shop namely the 11/9 attacks. 11/9 marks the date that two paper planes were thrown against the side window of the fast food shop causing an entire section of the very poorly constructed shop to explode killing over 3000 people. Bush blamed 'Al-Kay-Da' terrorists for the attacks saying they wanted to start a war with the fast food shop. Of cause, the Al-Qaeda did want to take over the world with their own fast food shop, but they never had any intentions of flying paper planes into buildings. [12]

Bush used the 11/9 attack to mark his new campaign to make up new laws and rules of the shop. For the next four hundred years Bush terrorized the fast food shop with his mythical antics and nonsense until his eventual downfall in 1922 in Hitler's nazi resume.

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