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New York, New York
  1. Code name for foreign missions of the FBI.
  2. New York Patrol Dirigible
  3. Not Your Poodle Doodle…(mine)
  4. A Brand of clothes worn anywhere but in New York, commonly seen on little kids who think they are cool
  5. Neighborhood of Young Poor Dominatrixes
  6. New York Police Department
  7. A group who "ain't too smart" as declared by The Strokes lead singer Julian Casablancas, Mr. Casablances was then stabbed, firebombed, pressured cooked and decapitated "accidentally" by previously stated group.
  8. Knock Your Punk ass Down

(Note: Contrary to popular dictionaries, NYPD is pronounced "nipp-yd" and not "en why pee dee".)

NYPD Blimp, brought to you by Fuji film!