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Napoleon on American Idol


~ Oscar Wilde on Napoleon

“Piplup evolves into Prinplup at Lv.16 Prinplup evolves into Empoleon at Lv.32 Empoleon evolves into Napoleon when you give him a midget stone.”

~ Some random Pokemon nerd on Napoleon

“In Soviet Russia, Napoleon conquers YOU!!”

~ Russian Reversal on Napoleon

Napoleon is That One Guy at your school who is always Stealing your Tater tots every Tuesday and loves drawing wierd ass pictures on his notebooks, and hangs out with a suicideal depressed Dirty Sanchez named Pedro.

Battle of my vagina[edit]

Napoleon onced got lost in his closet and discovered the Magical world of Narnia. He was so freak'n scared and sh*t, and beat the crap out of everyone there (This event was soon named, The Battle of Narnia). He was armed with his fists and his barbwire curley afro. The White bitch Witch was killed when she choked on his hair. Napoleon was named king of Narnia even after he killed almost everyone there. He poured oil all over and lit the f***ing place on fire. Afterwards, he came out of the closet (lol), and burned down his f***ing closet.


Napoleon's current girlfriend

Napoleon Dynamite had a rich ancestry of short dudes and emperors. His great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great grandfather was Napolean, (you know, that ole' emperor guy).

Election of 08[edit]

Napoleon's friend Pedro (not to be confused with Pedobear) ran for president of America in 2009. He advertised his message in shirts that says, Vote for Pedo Pedro. He even hired a couple a gangstas to spread the word, thats how desperate he was. Apparently, it took Pedro 3 weeks to figure out that Bat man was already President. Deeply embarrassed and in shame, he shaved his head clear in disgrace.

Battle with anus Ninjas[edit]

Napoleon is the number one target for all the ninjas in the world, no one knows why, Its probably the hair. They strike in the most unexspected times. He once fought them with Luke Skywalker in Antarctica. The scar on his left nut was from the one time he was fighting Captain Jack Sparrow disguised as a ninja (Ninja Pirate reference?) in the Battle of Canada. To this day it is said that Napoleon killed over 1,035,850,386,548,332,206,203,948 ninjas.

His life[edit]

He waz born on the 39/13/99999. He had a Dalek for a mother and a Spitfire for his dad. He had 9021 bros and lil sises. They annoyed the bums outta him. As showed above he killed the white witch. But losing his manlyhood in the process when the White burnt it off with her own pet dog.(Its a ==Dragon Great Dane==. I have one.) He is invincible and has a bionic leg. No kidding.


No, he's not dead.OR IS HE?? Is he?

Other meanings for Napoleon[edit]

This dude is a morman, really.

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