Narendra Modi

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File:Mr Modi wearing his favorite hat.jpeg
Mr. Modi displays his maverick qualities by wearing his favorite tasseled shoe as a hat

“Har har Modi, ghar ghar Modi”

~ All the fan-cum-speakers installed in Narendra Modi's house

“Those who dislike Modi must go to Pakistan and help their tourism industry.”

~ Giriraj Singh

Narendra Adolfbhai Modi (descended to earth on September 17, 1008 BC) is an Indian god of Gujarati origin, reincarnation of Lord Vishnu, supreme leader and Prime Minister of India. He is also the development guy, the messiah who has promised to turn India into a capitalist Utopia. He is a virgin, which many claim makes him the perfect candidate to become prime minister, loves traditional Gujarati food dhokla and loves Indian traditional wear Khaki knickers.

Indian pseudo-liberal and sickular intellectuals can't stand his charm and keep blaming him for random things. He is a brilliant orator and is known for devising oration technique Fekasthya, hence he earned the nickname Feku.

Shortly after he won, on May 17, 2014, The Unreal Times was able to obtain screenshot of Mr. Modi's Gmail inbox which also featured his chat with American president Barack Obama: