National Emo Day

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two gentlemen celebrating National Emo Day

A species of human well known by the majority of the population is the Emo kid. This holiday was created in 1927, created by a group of Christians who wanted to reach out to more people. In a desperate attempt they had 10,000 people sign a document stating they would create a holiday to celebrate the life of Emos. As they continued to publicize the petition to create the holiday they got little to know results so they decided to change there approach on the topic. They decided to instead of publicising it as an emo holiday to publicise it as a petition to make "Girls Gone Wild Videos" free. Within only 6 days they had achieved the 10,000 signatures.

Practicing The Holiday[edit]

This holiday is practiced by dressing up in all black and adding make up in such a way that it makes your face look white in order to look similar to the emo kid. This is only part of the actual celebration of the holiday though, in order to succesfully celebrate this holiday you cannot show any sign of emotions and for those who have difficulties accomplishing that Will Ferrel and Super Devil have created "The Guide To Not Showing Emotion". This book was possible because Will Ferrel has the ability to ruin any mans sense of humor and the super devil can pretty much destroy every other emotion. This holiday is practiced on June 5th.

Major Impacts From Emo's[edit]

In Such wars as the vietnam war and world war 2.5 and the war of the worlds they were used to run through there defences such as a suicide bomber but instead they would use their pale skin to blind the enemys much like a white phosphorous grenade. When in enemy territory the soldiers would engage the targets while they were still blinded. One very well know Emo would be Tom Cruise well known for his survival in war of the worlds.

Do’s and Don’ts[edit]

Also, do look asexual, yet slightly attractive


While Celebrating You Should:

  • Offer everyone knifes,
  • Show no emotion especially if they don't know what day it is,
  • Give AID's to people,
  • Bleach Skin,
  • Dye hair(The more contrast the better),


While Celebrating You Should Not:

  • urinate,
  • use a mobile phone,
  • Drink Responsible,
  • show emotion,
  • contemplate your destiny,
  • practicing cutting cheese with a cheese wire,
  • Drink Responsibly,