National Party of New Zealand

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The National Party of New Zealand was formed in 1984 after a merger between the National Socialists and the National Front. The name "National Party" was selected due to the word "National" being in both groups' names prior to the merger, and the belief that inserting the word "Party" would increase morale. It failed to do so.

The National Party's current leader is JeLan Brash, a former KKK member and convicted rapist. Their manifesto has been described by political columnists as like a mixture of George W. Bush, Hitler and Michelle Boag's agendas combined.

The National Party has some covert ties to renowned terrorist organisation, the Libertarianz.

The National Party's new agenda for 2006 is to have closer relations with White Power, and the KKK, as well as the Crips, Bloods, Black Power and Mongrel Mob Gangs, as this ties in with their stated aim of being the party for mainstream New Zealand.

In the recent New Zealand election, they recieved a staggering 48% of the popular vote. This result was attributed to the confusing ballot forms presented.

This was hailed as a great victory by JeLan Brash who still retains the possibilty of forming a government under the MMP system with her closest political ally Jim Anderton.