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The way most rounds end on Nations..

“This game uses the UN as much as they do in real life.”

~ Kofi Annan on Nations

“Diplomacy!? This game is about Diplomacy!?”

~ Not Imperium on Nations

Nations is a park created by some random Yorkshire person called Anthony Lensogradski. He is 33, at least according to CIA sources, and has ruled his nation of Miniyorkshire for 20 diligent years, since graduating from university in 1990-something. Little is known about him, but many call him "The Nations God". It is suspected by the CIA that he caused the 1856 blackout in Peru, the collapse of the Internet in 2056 AD and the "Great n00b Genocide" in 1337PI(Post-Internet). Some records say he is related to Stalin, but many of these have been disproved. He is actually related to Lenin.

The Park[edit]

Legendary spammer Jarocks wages epic flamewar against the whole of nubbieland.

In Nations, many people attempt to found their own countries by claiming small tracts of land which can range from anything between 2 nanometers wide or 10m wide, in the most extreme cases. There are also several shops:

The Tech Shop[edit]

On offer now:

  • Apocalypse technology - blow up the world omfg
  • Some random crap - dunno

The EcoFood Shop[edit]

  • Stock Market Collapse Soufflee
  • Currency Inflation Curry
  • GDP Goody Bag
  • Capital Crunchies
  • World Bank Waffles
  • Free Trade Fudge

And, of course, our speciality, the Oil Economy Collapse Delight, which can be obtained in three flavours: - Oil Shortage Strawberry - Oil Dependency Lemon - Petroleum Industry Orange

The Military Shop[edit]


Typical example of diplomacy in Nations.

Of course, diplomacy is very important. In nations, diplomacy is defined as having a bigger army than the other guy. This allows trade to occur easily, and may even provide a few hidden benefits. Diplomacy agreements include:

  • No trade agreement - Does nothing
  • War - beat the crap out of the other guy
  • Enforced trade - you dump stuff on them and expect stuff in return
  • Embargo - No enforced trade happens
  • Military alliance - Beat the crap out of the other guy, with help
  • Evil Commissar Embargo - Break the player, break the country, break the bounds of realistic thought. Welcome to Oceania.


The Official prefix used by the Nations to denote the undoing of something. Common uses include "UNscripted", "UNdocumented", "UNderpants", and "UNcyclopedia".


Here on the very site of Nations, champion spammers from all over the world converge in the "General Chat" boards. Here, thousands of spam posts per day are written(which eventually led to the death of Terrell Owens)and read. In fact, it is now a common thought shared that those who play this game do not eat, or sleep, and simply thrive of off spamming their own boards. Even right now, I bet someoneis spamming the boards. Or aruging.


EC Hitler started to play Nations when Chuck Norris revived him.

No nation’s game would be complete without its members and Nations has the biggest bunch of argumentative, communist/capitalist - soon to be - politicians you will ever meet. From Patton (Biggest spammer who never plays nations) to nubbie44 (Most improved), from Heikold (biggest ass kisser and sneaky sod), djackl (Aka "local git") Random (Illiterate hobo) Imperium(The Conspirator) Vegetarian (Veggie) (Biggest Liberal Vegetarian Athiest Punk) and lastly EC Hitler (THE GRUDGE BEARER) Nations is never lacking in entertaining discussions.


The world as envisioned by Jarocks.

Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Axis of Evil? See also WW3.

Jarocks is famous on Nations for the fastest ban in the history of the game (less than an hour). Ever since he joined the forum, he has never ceased to amaze us what terror a politically ignorant noob can unleash. Jarocks has misconceptions that in real life countries constantly threaten to use nerve-gas and nukes against each other and when they run low on armaments they simply goto their enemies allies to purchase more. His reign of stupidity includes trying to broker Antarctica on the black market, attempting to invade the United States as France, trying to establish a military dictatorship in Germany, Italy, Uganda, and virtually any other nation he's played as, and trying to build nukes in every country he's played as. Because Jarocks believes somehow he is superior to mentors, veteran players, and even Administrators, it is no shock as to why he's been banned more times than anyone else in the history of Nations. It is widely believed that Veggie was responsible for leading him to the site so, thanks a lot Veggie.. we definitely owe you one there.


Itake PMW Patton djackl


Pop in for a laugh at Just ignore everything Wisegod says.

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