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The Nega-Pope in his trademark outfit. He is so evil even the background is black.

Nega-Pope is the brother of bOb_ThE_sNaIl and the Billy's worst enemy, even though many people think the Anti-Billy fills out that role. However, that is not entirely true. While the Anti-Billy may have been created in Mount Unicorn and sounds a hell lot eviller, he is actually kind of nice, if a bit gullible. But the Nega-Pope is far more sinister, and more evil at that. He even has his own Nega-Papal Stick!

Whereas the Anti-Pope has been busy on Broadway and done lots of lawn mowing, the Nega-Pope has spent most of his time practising spells and scheming in his tower of Oriental design. Some people may label the Nega-Pope's appearance and existence as stereotyped and racist, but he himself designed it, so he seems to like it.

While the Pope spends a lot of time doing all sorts of religious stuff, the Nega-Pope concentrates on just being, well, a Nega-Pope, since he's everything the Pope isn't - besides cool, they both are pretty freakin' cool. Being a Nega-Pope mostly means battling the Pope in all sorts of overdramatised ways, of which one hell of a TV series could be made, but it also involves a lot of dancing practice, though for no apparent reason.


Not much is known about the background of the Nega-Pope. He sorta was there from the beginning. But what is known is that one of his ancestors fought in the Korean War, and that his son Nega-Pope, Jr. is doing service overseas in the 2½. Punic War.

First meeting[edit]

The Pope and Nega-Pope first met on the icy hilltops in Texas, where they played a very long and indeed drawn out game of Texas Hold 'Em poker, resulting in the Pope's total defeat and God's abandonment of him. That was too much for the Nega-Pope, however, who resurrected the Pope and told him he was sorry. But just as the sissy Pope was going to embrace him, the Nega-Pope yelled "not!" and they battled some more.

The Anti-Papal Staff[edit]

Shortly after their first meeting, the Nega-Pope climbed the ranges of Mount O-Popeos, the residence of the Pope, and stole a piece of his Papal Staff. The wood had originally been supplied by Josef & Son Carpentering/Miracle Making, est. 9 AD, and the Nega-Pope used it to plant a new tree, which he gave plenty of evil and Atoms. From the wood of that tree he crafted the Anti-Papal Stick, which can do tons of cool stuff, like turning itself into a diving mask and spewing demineralised water, whereas the Papal Stick can only do boring things like making flowers blossom.

Family troubles[edit]

Beside battling the Pope, the Nega-Pope also has a running family feud with his brother, Harun Yahya, who despises his infidel ways. He even wrote a book about it, and as a jab at the Nega-Pope's weight issues at the time (which he has since overcome so much that people frequently believe he is in 2D), he named it the Atlas of Creation. The book is filled with sound, logical proof that everything the Nega-Pope believes (see below) is wrong and twisted, products of a twisted imagination and a gigantic step down the dark path. The Nega-Pope found that pretty cool, so he let his brother and the book be.


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