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Nemory is the human experience of events that never happened, and that are not remembered. Nemory is the cognition of "dark info", which is akin to the dark matter that physicists now believe composes most of the universe. In fact, most of the dark matter is believed to consist of dark energy. Late 20th century schneidics research has shown much of that dark energy, in turn, to be the "dark information" that is incarnated as nemory. NASA scientists have estimated that 23% of the universe is dark matter, and 73% is dark energy. A large percentage of that dark energy is the even subtler "dark info" of nemory.

We all know memory - you know something that happened.

And, unfortunately, forgetting - you don't know something that happened.

And hallucination - you know something that *didn't* happen.

Schneidics identifies "nemory" - you *don't* know something that *never* happened.

In the 2D plane defined by orthogonal axes of "info" and "existence", nemory is the field of Quadrant III. Nemory is closely related to"i", the imaginary unit; rendered as "ῆ", a lower-case greek "eta" combined with a perispomeni (tilde), it is pronounced "(...n)YEHT-uh" ("silent" <n>).