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Neo Miami is a many islands coastal city, county and the largest city in Florida. A city that is Vice City from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. This Vice City is not vice city, it's 3 large islands that are separated by class and industry. This city was rebuilt by HZ Corporation who would fix it in exchange of the handover of Miami. The population is 15 million Cubans, 5 million whites, 9 blacks, and 1.2 million Asians in this city of tropical trees. It's the home of HZ Corps. headquarters, Miami Techno, Neo Cuban cigars, and neo tropical trees. Neo Miami is now HZ Corps.' power house, mighty godlike source, and the core of the corporate controlled world. Neo Miami is the capital of HZ Federation and Executive/GRUP plaza building capital.


Neo Miami is Miami except it looks more crap to me.

Neo Miami was once Miami which was a mainland city and county of Florida. When the Miami Flood of 2035 occurred, Miami lost it's land, it's money, and it's hot chongas. The place was Vice City paradise where people can enjoy the tropical tress, the weather, the music, drug trading, and enjoying night clubs. As HZ Industries grows bigger and expanding it's electronic empire opening 10000 stores in 5 continents, they believe that HZ Industries is ranked #1 electronic brand in Miami and #19 in Forbes magazine. HZ Corps. redevelopment on Neo Miami took 50 years and created new islands off coast of Atlantic.

Miami's Rebuilding[edit]

Neo Miami has hovercars and shit.

HZ Corps has technology so advancing similar to the Japanese, they help reproduce plants and dirt. With that land, they rebuilt many houses, apartments, and hotels. They call it "Neo Paradise City". The city has some old Miami parts saved and some underwater. The underwater tunnels has expanded alittle bit. There's a technology invented by Alfredo, and it's called Land Expander and Elevator. This Land Expander has remade many lost lands and made new islands for rebuilding the huge community.

HZ Corps. Rule[edit]

HZ corps has turned Miami-Dade into a huge megalopolis thanks to their advanced technology. HZ Corps. is a huge government with powerful wealth. Tofuman becomes the first mayor of the fixed city. Everything was peaching peace when Tofuman ran for mayor of Neo Miami. HZ Corps. decides to have a mayor of Neo Miami city-county running the place while HZ Corps. handles the problems of other HZ Corps. branches in Iraq and Iran.


Miami Dade[edit]

  • Little Turkey: Large Turkish ethnic district stretching 20 blocks by 7 blocks.
  • Little Havana: Neo Miami's largest ethnic neighborhood in the state.
  • Old Miami: The ruins of the original city of Miami when it was a city, not a metropolis.
  • Old Downtown Miami: The original downtown district with Miami's old buildings before the takeover from HZ Corps.
  • Chinatown: Neo Miami's Chinese ethnic neighborhood with has more Chinese people than the old Miami. It features a large airplane parts factory for Chinese workers to earn medium wage.
  • Anarchy Neighborhood: Home of punks who don't give a fuck about police or the society. It's also a prison for anarchists and it's located outside of Neo Miami.
  • Cajun Cuisine land: Cajun themed neighborhood with many restaurants for the improved economy. It's New Orleans to Everyone. Mardi Gras are celebrated mostly here for Everyone living in the capital.
  • Florida City: Large city in Miami Metropolis.
  • Key West City: Tofunese dominated city living within beaches and hurricanes.


  • West Tampa City: Mutants ethnic community like Wolverine from the X men.
  • Little Mars: Martian ethnic neighborhood with cooking schools and military enlistments

Busch City[edit]

  • Golden Road: A Blvd of Casinos, shopping malls, and a giant car dealership in the planet.
  • Vulcan City: A district neighborhood for Vulcan races to live here including Spock.

Empire Universe[edit]

In the Empire universe, Miami sunked down underwater during the 2012 doomsday. Parts of South Florida also sanked down too the bottom of the Atlantic ocean. Parallel Spongebob was raised in the underwater city of miami and became a city pimp. Miami has been renamed: New Bikini Bottom. It's that Patrick is a blue straight starfish.