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Nestor is a gay guy famous because everyone shits on him. He is also known as joey, Jew, banana, benny hinn, mister t, the prostitute, joey, the human toilet, semen receiver, woman, whore , Marc Antony, joey, Vaginal infection, Pope's sexual apprentice, joey, Mary Magdalene, Nestor le pengouin and joey.

File:28-3-33735 MarcAnthony.jpg
Nestor as Marc Anthony rubbing his nipple

Latelty he has become a phenomena in the Web. The latest Forum talking about Nestor is located on [1]. There´s at least more than 1800 comments about how you can shit on Nestor. Please join us in joy and shit on Nestor and let´s make this asshole famous.

Gay Nestor

Nestor and JLO


Nestor was born in 1979 in the Suburbs in the Vatican. He grew up with his brother Benedict XVI.

Lately he has been a distinguished organizer of sex orgies in San Jose, with the help of Will and the Pope. Also, he made friendship with Cesar. Nestor was a pedophile well known in the vatican. With the help of Cesar, Nestor created the child porn.

When he was a child, he quit school because his 300lbs teacher sexually abused him. After that he went to IRAK, where he was chosen by Saddam to free his people from the hands of George Bush.

after IRAK, Nestor was known for his mediocre carrier as a salsa/Pop singer. Since his name was not something appealing to the public, he was forced to find a better and more attractive name, ever since for 5 years was well known in the lame wold of crappy music as Mark Anthony, reaching his most precious dream, yes he did, ¨have sex with Jeniffer Lopez¨ thing that became a very big bridge in his already failed but carnal relationship with Cesar.

After the Pop Star, was expelled from the ¨Pedophilia Brotherhood¨that ironically he helped to create himself,

in 1995 and after the of the Pope Benedict XVI, was transformed in a sick bastard animal, who has as a punishment for having no sex with children or men, but with a woman to downgrade him self to the Vote of abstinence to all the activities related to: sex, meet,blasphemy, sex, brutal baths of Blood, sex, guaro, and other activities that he found necessary and maybe more than that a part of he´s life like sex( that we forgot to mention before).

Later then, on a desperate try to come back to he´s usual life escaped to somewhere in Central America, to a mythical Island well known as Costa Rica, and rumors say that he started a new Brotherhood, that we have not been able to reach yet, but the investigators from the Vatican are still on, and serching for him.

He subtracts the money from different companies, been able like this, to finance he´s sick, and very unusual habits, that some, (as he´s brother in Milk used to say) ¨will find unnatural¨.

Director Career[edit]

Nestor the Donkey
This is a picture of his sex pet

Nestor is not only famous because everybody shits on him, he's also famous because he inspired the Movie "Nestor, The Long-eared Christmas Donkey" basically because he was fucked by a Donkey in a Christmas Eve. The Donkey saved Nestor's Christmas that year. They are not together now, because after a few months, he found out that the Donkey was cheating on him, with your mom. He created this movie based on his donkey named ass. ass was one of his most valuable pets because he used to spend days, even weeks, raping the poor donkey and making nestor's bloody,semen and defecation sexual fantasies true. This donkey died like 10 years ago, but nestor still rapes his dead body. Also the donkey was involved in nestor's last zoophilic film "fu**ing the Belen's donkey".

Maybe some of you may remember him.

Musical Career[edit]

(Some guy touching Nestor's butt
The sick bastard's first album, The HomoPenguin

Near the 1870's, People feared Nestor because of his sick defecation related rapings. And this made really difficult for him to find children for his orgies. But, one night after penetrating the body of his dead donkey, he went to watch his favorite TV program: The Club 700 and he had this great idea of making a entertaining show for kids, so he can attract them and rape them. Specially male kids. That's when Nestor the Pingouin was born. He used to dress up like a little penguin that would sing sick songs related with anal sex,STD's, defecation, blood, semen and jesus. Nestor used to sit on guys lap and sing for hours. until his friends George W. Bush, and the Michael Jackson arrive so they can start the real show.


He made some records singing along with a bunch of his pedophilic lovers, such as:

. Mamma, oh Mamma!!!
. When the children are gentle and sadistic
. Pedophilic Nestor at School
. Nestor fucks Santa
. Fucked with a knife
. Necropedophile
. Zoofilia en el Arca de Noe and Homosexualismo en el Vaticano( Two albums created to attract Nicaraguan kids