Never Forget (9/11 Slogan)

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Never Forget (9/11 Slogan)

Also Called: Never Forget
Category: Slogan of 9/11
Type: YouTube/Minecraft Community
Location: Worldwide
Start Date: 2001

Never Forget is a Slogan of 9/11 during after 9/11, Never Forget is trends on YouTube and even across the entire Minecraft Community entitled "Never Forget" A worldwide trend, Never Forget in came several languages, in the trend country in US, This slogan was addicted better than Donald Trump's Memes It is become "America's No. 1 Commemorative slogan And the largest commemorative slogan in the world"

Name after the original slogan "Never forget the class struggle" from Mao Zedong of Communist Party of China

Like all the 9/11 slogans like "Let's Roll" and "United We Stand", this slogan is events in USA This slogan is used, also, people who remember the 9/11.

Origin and History[edit]

Before the legendary slogan, it was a World War II that giving a unofficial slogan, an holocaust during World War II, according to an article from New York Magazine, he said this motto

“Never forget” long ago entered the lexicon, in relation to the Holocaust. It has now been reassigned to 9/11, where it is likely to remain. It has become a mantra and a marketing tool for politicians and merchandise alike.

In 1962, saw the Chinese Cultural Revolution, with a Tagline "Never forget the class struggle" from Mao Zedong from the Communist Party of China

According to Wikipedia a similar slogan "Never forget the class struggle"

Precursor of a slogan[edit]

According to Know Your Meme, A similar slogan "lest we forget" from the British Impire Power of Commonwealth of UK

Successor of a Slogan[edit]

After the battle of Twin Towers and Pentagon in 2001,this slogan is used before the rise of the internet, this slogan Used the commemorative slogan for those who killed, 3,000 People Died in the Towers and 343 firefighters

This slogan is used trend on Internet This is the official slogan of 9/11 under the Bush Adminstration, this slogan is used,

Follow those change indeed

According to Know Your Meme a comment say "Good old days after 9/11" named after the cliche phrase According to Wikipedia page "a phrase will speak better than a present day" and all comments"

YouTube User was Success[edit]

In 2013 he make a 9/11 Video from the entire Minecraft Community from YouTube User ActionEngine DAGET with a Tagline "Never Forget" he used the videos 3 times in the description box says "World Trade Center Never Forget" he used 3 times of videos

Other Events[edit]

Most likely, this slogan have no longer exist on Windows end of support

Luckily, all events as well as the 2007 Bomb scare in Boston, the 2011 Hurricane Incoming.

Follow by the nudity photograph of Scarlett Johansson, This slogan used by Reddit user RobotSongs

In Popular Culture[edit]

In the new year day of 2007, Xkcd published America under Jimmy Carter was attacking the Huge Bunny with a statement "America must never forget",

On October 26, 2009, publish with a ape from the 1968 movie "Planet of the Apes", use a ape with a Statue of Liberty (name after the statue in New York when it was build 1886), with a Tagline "Never Forget"

During Inaugerrated the 9/11 Memorial Site in 2011, he used the slogan beside the Construction

List of YouTube Users[edit]

As of 2015, we though the slogan had used on YouTube even across the Minecraft Community, according to Notch, a developer of Minecraft they he said: "Minecraft Players, Must never forget",

List of Notable Players had a Minecraft

  • EmperorBOSS Productions
  • ActionEngine DAGET
  • Mr. Euphonium