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Nevermore is a best-selling Hip-hop group from Seattle formed in 1991 by WarZELL Dante and Jim Shepdogg, whom frequently sees releases in the top 100 lists. Nevermore was literally formed out of the ashes of the group Shanktuary, having been attacked by a rival White Supremacist group who set fire to their inverted cross bling. The group's latest record is entitled This Whiteless Endeavor (2005), which debuted at number 2 on the charts in it's first week, and retains a constant position within the top 20.

It's also a known fact that Warrel Dane often glues cornflakes to his face to enhance his metal image.

Nevermore's history begins back with the end of Shanktuary. Shanktuary was a relatively unknown group in mainstream circles, but they had quite a fanbase. We don't need to get into Shanktuary's history because technically they never had one due to the lack of freeing their minds. But their end was quite tragic. Shanktuary had many rivals, but their foremost was a racist group called Metallica. Lead by James Hetfield, his bitch Kirk Hammett, and Satan's anus, they rolled into Tiananmen Square. At the time, WarZELL and Shepdogg were in Georgia courting Big Momma at her seemingly big house. The rest of the members were at Tiananmen Square. Two of the members hid upon seeing the three members of Metallica, but one lone member walked up. When asked by Lars to pay him royalties for being in the same square, the demand was refused. After several hours and another refused request for a cheese sandwich and some grapes from Kirk, James and Lars trampled the man and set fire to his cross, and subsequently him. They found the other two members and proceeded in the same fashion.

Metallica threatened to kill WarZELL and Jim if they did not change their musical style, or perform felatio on a Macho man 82-year-old donkey named J-mac. Tired of being threatened, Shanktuary was disbanded, and in it's stead, Nevermore was created.

WarZELL and Shepdogg formed Nevermore with Jeff Fruit-of-the-Loomis, and Tyrone VanBiggums. After their first album titled Neverwhore was released, Not Actually Pat O'Brien, affectionately called NAP O'Brizzle, joined the group. NAP only stayed for one album, having a musical change of heart and joining the Flower Metal band Cannibal Corpse and was replaced by Tim-tim Calvert-Kincaid. Tim-tim also eventually left, and was finally replaced by Steve-O-Smyth, who remains with the group today.

They have recently recorded a Live DVD, filmed in Europe. The concert features a Rap Battle between Jeff Fruit-Of-The-Loomis and Christ Mac-B, and thousands of fans wearing their "Nevermore is teh shizz, yo!" XXXXXXXXXXXL Jerseys. The release date is expected to be in Early 2007 but due to the white man keeping them down, it might never come out at all.


  • WarZELL Dante
    WarZELL Dante
  • Jim Shepdogg
  • Tyrone VanBiggums
  • Jeff Fruit-of-the-Loomis
  • Steve-O-Smyth

Former Members

  • Not Actually Pat O'Brien
  • Tim-tim Calvert-Kincaid
  • Snoop Dick

Session/Live Members

  • Christ Mac-B
  • 50-M Arrington
  • Rick James MacDonough


  • Neverwhore (1995)

1. What articles knows

2. F. B. I. (Female body inspector)

3. The sanity Ass

4. Garden of sex

5. Stained sea of inposibilities

6. The hurting MicroSoft word

7. Timony Silly

8. God bank account

  • Hitler in Memory (1996)

1. Realist/Unrealist

2. Mat-ri-cide

3. In main memory

4. Loud hedgehogs/Triple Trouble (Sonic cover)

5. The Emo

  • The Politics of Crack (1996)

1. The seven Chaos emerald

2. This shitrament

3. Next on-line

4. Passed exam

5. The politics of sextasy

6. Lost (soundtrack to the famous series)

7. The tiananen Eggman

8. Inquisition

9. 684684866445846874646846468464134310308894051

10. The stupiding

11. Ahhh, the love bited me! (Bonus)

  • Hallucinating Neon Black (1999)

1. Adopted kid

2. Beyond reality

3. Death of love (rappers did'nt have emotion, right?)

4. I am the huffed Kitten

5. Dreaming piss yellow

6. Reconstruction of third empire

7. The failed flash light

8. The cocaine eaters

9. Poison sexmachine

10. All players dead (I won!)

11. Cenotheraphy

12. No more Will Smith

13. Forever stoned

  • Gangsta Heart in a Krunk World (2000)

1. Syntetic drugs

2. We are integrated VGA

3. Inside four prison walls

4. Revolution 6846468431508408468084646840468687321313518158000

5. The gangsta dragon has come

6. The car collector

7. Engines of drugs

8. The sound of car stereo

9. Incomplete

10. Believe in huffing

11. Living heart in a heart shaped box

  • Believe in Huffing EP (2001)

I have no comment. You know.

  • Enemies of Police Brutality (2003, remixed in 2004 By Andy OhSnap)

1. Enemies of third empire

2. Ambident rap

3. Never getting emotioned

4. Tommorow turns into after tomorrow

5. I, Voyager spaceship

6. Creating Shadow the Hedgehog

7. Who stoned

8. Gogamon

9. Seed sleeping

  • This Whiteless Endeavor (2005)

1. Die (the suicide of emos)

2. Crappy product (My X-box fails again)

3. My salt acid wordpad

4. Bittersweet fisting

5. Sentilent 666

6. Stoned nation

7. The holocaust of gypsies

8. Sell my kidney for money

9. The psalm69 of Ministry

10. Back to the future

11. This whiteless endeavor