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A website where morons get together and discuss such things as what costume makes Aquaman look more gay, and then after deciding they usually commence with a circle jerk. It is moderated by Matt Brady who is really Leroy Jetson from earth 2, an earth exactly the same as this one but where burritos are a currency. To buy off Mr. Brady, sell him four bean and cheese burritos and two burritos covered in sour cream. Fat free sour cream is frowned upon at Newsarama.

Matt Brady. A Tool.

[email protected][edit]

The "special" area of an asylum, [email protected] is the place where the Newsaramians get to say dirty words and call local village idiot, Twigglet, a girl due to his excesive use of fishnets. Known for it's intense love of John Byrne's biggest toe nail on his left foot, the [email protected] section is mostly made of useless people who you should hate. Often, comic creators frequent the [email protected] boards. The most common creators are those who fit the description above.

The [email protected] section was recently given three (but really two) subsections...DC, Marvel, and Other Poop fishers or one goes there. In the DC section, inbreed monkeys bitch about Devin Grayson or bitch about bitching about Devin Grayson or bitch about bitching about bitching about Devin Grayson. Devin Grayson's writing can be replaced with John Bryne's comments or Rob Liefeld's art or a late period. The Marvel section is used for DC fans to bitch about Marvel. The other section is used as an internet sex message board or to post pictures of David Hasselhoff.

These sections are avoided due their lack of Bill O'Reilly hate threads or threads about tv shows only nerds watch.

Review Section[edit]

The section of Newsarama where trolls and this guy hang out and make jokes about your mom. She's a brick.... House!!!! (No, she's not at all, actually. More like a tree house)

News Section[edit]

The section where you're cool if you mock Marvel Comics, Brian Michael Bendis, and Joe Quesada and don't have a life. There is no actual news in the news section of Newsarama. MOTA is a big homo that sucks Michael Hawk's little one inch penis. Tralfaz is a big loser that sleeps with his mother and that's why he makes so many mother jokes about you being aborted. It's also known that Matt Brady gets his interviews by offering handjobs.

Other Similar Sites[edit]

  • a.k.a. Bendis Butt Lovers Association
  • Comic Bloc Forums- Look they're so stupid, they misspelled "block".
  • He's an alright guy.
  • Don't go there unless you're a tree-hugging hippie
  • The Outhouse - Don't go there. It's like Newsarama's retarded left elbow. It is widely regarded that all the members are losers that can't get a woman or are themselves women in feeble girly-man bodies.

Wow, that guy who made that last bullet is bitter, ain't he? Wah wah, big baby.