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Look Ma, I made my very own costume!
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One night Bruce Wayne was attending a circus where a young boy by the name of Dick Grayson was performing his usual act along with his parents, George W Bush and Susan B Anthony, of cleaning up after the elephants.

Mr. Wayne, however has plans other than that of watching a circus performance

Not known to people in the circus at the time, Mr. Wayne being a billionaire had bought out Bill Gates to kill the people of the circus that night.

As the new knife throwers were beginning their act, the members of the circus quickly realized that they should have screen tested the group. For sadly, on that very night, the knife throwers threw their knives off course stabbing the parents of young Dick Grayson in the back, but don't worry PETA, the elephant was unharmed.

Young Dick Grayson sat there stunned, then he cried out "Damn you new knife throwers have terrible aim."

Bruce Wayne saw someone who dare he say, might be as evil, and sexy, as himself. Quickly he ran to the boy and asked him if he would like to come home with him since he was a billionaire who admired the boy's father's ways of cleaning up crap.

Young Dick Grayson quickly jumped at the idea.

Ten minutes after their leave Bill Gates came in and burned the place to the ground. Today, he is the new Batman...of course, this is only until Bruce Wayne is revived or comed back from the past or whatever the fuck happened to him. He also sucks at this, since Catwoman will only fuck around with the real Batman, and not a guy with a tiny penis.

The Days as Robin[edit]

Time passed, and young Dick soon realized that his new father figure was Batman, though it wasn't hard to figure out, seeing as Bruce Wayne had secretly been planning on being discovered since day one.

Bruce Wayne suggested that the boy join him in the war on evil and threw in the idea of his wearing pixie boots and a fish scale bikini. Dick accepted the idea, and soon the two were engaging in sexual acts together. Wayne gave Grayson the name of Robin. This dynamic duo quickly fell in love, but soon something changed.

The Female Dog[edit]

Soon Dick Grayson realized to his dismay, that he was not of the homosexual variety when Batgirl came into the picture, much to Batman's dismay, Dick demanded that he find out what a vagina feels like.

Bruce objected to this, though he lived with it for awhile, until Dick said that wasn't enough and demanded that he know what it's like to sex up an orange alien chick.

Bruce quickly realizing the boy could be getting more bitches than himself, shunned the boy out of the Batcave

The Early Days as Nightwing[edit]

He gets all the ladies.