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The path of the ninja is long and difficult, and few live to reach the level of Ninja Supreme Master.

Different levels of Ninja[edit]


  • Level -1: Anti-ninja: Anti-ninja are the epitome of all things non-ninja. They have a negative effect on all ninjas in the vicinity due to their envious feeding off of the power of ninja. Anti-ninja often claim to be ninja to desecrate the image of real ninja.
  • Level 1: Ninja Noob: These guys aren't really ninja. They're just homeless. But they can disappear at night, so they're classified as ninja.
  • Level 2: Ghetto Ninja: This is a typical ninja, but they can't afford ninja equipment.
  • Level 3: Awesome Ninja: There is no normal ninja. There's just awesome ninja, although most lack the proper Flip Out ability.
  • Level 4: Kickass Ninja: These guys can Flip Out properly, so they're classified higher.
  • Level 5: Super Saiyan Ninja: These ninja can fly, so they're much cooler.
  • Level 6: Ninja Warrior: These ninja have earned their invisible stripes in battle. So they're super cool.
  • Level 7: Ninja Cheerleader: These guys like to dress in girl's clothes, but are so awesome they manage to make it look cool. Yeah.
  • level 8: wild Ninja: these are just ninja babes that like to undress in front of videocameras for free for other ninjas (non-ninjas $15 hour)
  • Level 9: Ninja Overlord: These ninja typically just sit around thinking about how incredibly awesome they are, so they don't flip out much.
  • Level 10: Ninja Sensei: These ninja are the only ones allowed to use the secret weapons, and are granted knowledge of the Awesome Words.
  • Level 11: Ninja Master: There can only be one of these alive, because the level of awesomeness would be too great for Earth to sustain without asploding. Ninja of this level and higher have tapped into the Real Ultimate Power. The current Ninja Master is also the founding member of the National Ninja Association.
  • Level 12: Ninja High Master: Only when the dinosaurs were around did these awesome ninja exist, because their favourite pastime was to totally FLIP OUT and cut dinosaurs heads off. As the dinosaurs died out, the Ninja High Masters decided their lives were boring and left the face of Earth for all eternity.
  • Level 13: Ninja Supreme Master: The only evidence of a ninja this high of power was discovered some 140,000,000,000 years after the Big Bang Incident. It was believed that the cosmic explosion happened as a result of a ninja FLIPPING OUT because he was claustrophobic. There is also speculation that the Ninja Supreme Master wrote a commonly misinterpreted book titled The Bible about this mark in history.
  • Level 14: Ninja Claus: The Greatest ninja that has always existed on the north pole. He is totally awsome and gives out katanas to baby ninjas.