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Nintendo 2011 is a video game console by Nintendo. It is not good.


  • AMD Sempron
    This is an icon on the Nintendo 2011.
  • ATI RAPEon! Potato Chip with SuperUltraReal3D and Nothing
  • Poopy Audio Controller
  • ASSchoke based controllers. Requires you to connect a Nintendo 2011 Nunchuk to the ass
  • Blu-tooth access to connect up to 4 remotes
  • DimDevice which can let Nintendo 2011 Plug & Play
  • 2 RS-232 Ports
  • PonyTek Girly Magic WiFi N
  • 2 USB Ports
  • WiiConnect
  • iPoop


Mario loves Asschoke.

Replacing the Controller Socket, the Asschoke (Which may be renamed to InfectiveSocket) requires you to attach controllers to your butt.

Molorola Razr can act as a Nintendo 2011 Controller but without Asschoke Support

Certian Controllers can be cell phones but a Asschoke will destroy the cell phone.

Nintendo 2011 DimDevice[edit]

DimDevice Requires Internet Access through Pony Girly Magic WiFi N or a RS-232 to Ethernet Adapter in order to download drivers.

DimDevice in Action

It lets users use devices which are new so people can play new games faster.


WiiConnect will let you use saved games on the Wii to stream to the Nintendo 2011. You can use Wii Remotes too but you need a streaming cable. The cable connects to the Nintendo 2011's RS-232 Port to the Wii's MultiAV, Sensor Bar, and USB Port. You still need to use the Wii's Power Cable. The Final Wii Firmware lets you use this. You can also use Wii-level mode.

Using USB to Ethernet Controller on N2011[edit]

To do that, you need to hack the N2011. The Code Is:

Pony Girly Magic WiFi N[edit]

It uses Ponys to take over the Internet.