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You see, I told you so.

How I told you so[edit]

Oh my God, are you kidding me? I told you thousands of time, you fucking dummy. I mean, I told you that time you wanted to suck a fart from my ass. And that time you climbed up that tree to impersonate a fucking jungle monkey, I also told so.

So don't come telling ME about pisspoor timing, motherfucker, coz you were wrong from the beginning!

How you are wrong[edit]

Hahaha, where o where do I start? Well, here are some pointers:

  • When your mom was born. I mean, the world was a fucking paradise before she came around
  • When your dad was born. Well, he was pretty cool, I guess, until he met your mom
  • When they made you. Don't even get me started about that one.
  • When you were born.

Now, those ones are all your fault. The rest was just incidental.

What you can do about it[edit]

Allright, here's a 5 step programme to help you with your silly mistakes:

Or just tell your mom she's fat. That will probably have the same effect.

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